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The Propagation of Paradise

Government Seeking Funding to Develop ‘New Bali’ Destinations Beyond Bali
The Indonesian Government is preparing ten “New Bali’s" to accommodate ambitious plans to expand the size of the national tourism industry while welcoming 20 million foreign tourist arrivals.

As reported by Kompas.com, the 10 “New Bali’s” are Lake Toba, Tanjung Kelayang, The Thousand Islands outside Jakarta, Wakatobi, Morotai, Tanjung Lesung, Borobudur, the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru volcano complex, Mandalika in Lombok, and Labuan Bajo at the entrance to the Komodo National Park.

The head of development and infrastructure planning at the Ministry of Public Works, Rido Matari Ichwan, said the government is seeking the means to fund the estimated Rp. 1.95 trillion needed to improve and enhance the carrying capacity of the new tourism destinations.

Rido said every financing option was being explored, including government financing and bi-lateral loan agreements.

The money to develop the new destinations varies depending on the requirements of each locale. In Labuan Bajo, for instance, road improvements and city zoning and public infrastructure are needed that includes drainage, trash disposal, and public water supply.

A recent meeting on how to develop the “10 new Bali Destinations” the cost of making each destination tourism-ready was put at Rp. 300-400 billion each.

Among the 10 “New Bali” destinations, the government has declared the intention to initially focus on four: Lake Toba, Mandalika in Lombok, Borobudur, and Labuan Bajo.

It is estimated that Lake Toba requires tourism development funding totaling Rp. 327.3 billion for road construction, Rp. 166.5 billion for infrastructure and residential development, and Rp. 111.7 billion for water resources.

Borobudur, the home to the world’s largest Buddhist monument in Central Java, requires funds of Rp. 220.9 billion. This is comprised of Rp. 142.1 billion for residential development, Rp. 78.8 billion for roadwork, and Rp. 2 billion for water resources.

Mandalika in South Lombok is estimated to require Rp. 271.37 billion. Roadwork is put at Rp. 186.3 billion and residential development at Rp. 85.07 billion.

Meanwhile, Labuan Bajo in Western Flores needs Rp. 187.4 billion for roadwork and residential development.