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A Quintessential Tea Experience

Heritage Tea with Iwan Tirta Private Batik Collection at King Cole Bar – St. Regis Bali Resort Daily September – October 2018

Continuing a decade-long tradition of excellence, The St. Regis Bali Resort will present its “Quintessential Afternoon Tea Series” via daily Heritage Tea Times presented in collaboration with The Iwan Tirta Private Collection of batik at the King Cole Bar in September – October 2018.

In conjunction with National Batik Day, The St. Regis Bali Resort is joining hands with The Iwan Tirta Private Collection as a means of celebrating Indonesia’s rich heritage via a traditional tea ritual blending the St. Regis' legacy with the Nation’s proud heritage.

Iwan Tirta

Iwan Tirta (1935 – 2010) is credited with championing the revitalization and elevation of to new heights the art of Javanese hand-drawn batik. Born to an aristocratic family, Iwan Tirta returned from the USA in the late 1960s after earning a law degree from Yale University. Disenchanted with the adversarial nature of undertaking a law practice, Iwan Tirta returned to Indonesia where he turned his talents to creating magnificent hand-drawn batik paintings and haute couture using opulent pieces of Batik, many designed personally by Iwan Tirta, that won praise at fashion events the world over.

The Iwan Tirta Batik Collection that form part of an UNESCO World Heritage Masterpiece that have inspired a special tea time of exquisite teas served with Indonesian sweet and savory delights prepared by the Resort’s master chefs.

A Perfect Blend

The Private Collection of  Batiks chosen for this two-month long daily event features selected patterns from the Iwan Tirta  Dewaraja Series, that takes inspiration from the history of Indonesia’s ancient kingdoms, from the Majapahit era to the early Bali kingdom, meticulously documented on cloth by the maestro Iwan Tirta.

St. Regis Tea Time delicacies with Balinese Batik pattern inspirations from The Iwan Tirta Private Collection offers a range of choices:

  • Lapis Legit Dewata Handbag Cake (Ceplok Kembang Bali pattern). The Indonesian Lapis Legit is a sweet layer cake inspired by the Dutch spekkoek. The cake is typically enjoyed at holiday gatherings or family festivities. Taking the shape of a classic handbag, the cake is adorned with the Ceplok Kembang Bali Pattern, one of the oldest geometric floral patterns in the history of Batik.
  • Pandan Roll Cake (Ceplok Swastika Bali Latar Pattern). Believed to be the most sacred symbol in the Balinese Hindu culture, the Swastika is the symbol of kindness. The Ceplok Swastika Bali Latar Pattern covers an Indonesian Pandan Roll Cake - a sponge cake made with fresh pandan juice that forms a perfect tea companion.
  • Mini Banana Chocolate Table (Ukel Teratai Bali Pattern). One of Indonesia’s favorite street snacks, chocolate banana, or “pisang Coklat” is a fried banana covered in chocolate glaze. This creation takes the shape of a mini table with a table cloth using the Ukel Teratai Bali Batik Pattern, which depicts the rise and illumination of light over darkness to reach enlightenment, bringing good fortune along the way.
  • Mini CocoJack Tent (Sekar Kencono Bali Pattern). A unique take on traditional mousse made of coconut and jackfruit in the shape of a tent covered in Sekar Kencono Bali Pattern. Sekar Kencono is inspired by the beauty of Balinese floral ornaments with the underlying philosophy that humans should bring goodness from within, portraying full enthusiasm and wisdom in one's self, thus giving happiness to their surroundings.

Enjoy these special tea time creations accompanied by a live jazz piano performance in a heritage ambiance uniquely decorated by The Iwan Tirta Private Collection at King Cole Bar. Those joining The Iwan Tirta Heritage Tea Time are eligible to win a special gift from the Tirta Private Collection.

Quintessential Afternoon Tea Series

Heritage Tea Time with Iwan Tirta Private Collection

King Cole Bar - St. Regis Bali Resort

September - October 2018

Served Daily, 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

IDR 350,000 net per person

For information and reservations: telephone +62-(0) 300 6796 or Email