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Bali’s Best Eats Awards 2019

FoodieS Magazine and AQUA Reflections Present Bali’s Best Eats Award 2019

Following last year’s successful inauguration of Bali’s Best Eats Awards, FoodiesS Magazine and AQUA Reflections are presenting the second edition of what is promoted as “Indonesia’s First Objective Restaurant Award Program.”

Bali’s Best Food Awards 2019 will seek to identify the best world-class dining experience available to Bali residents and tourist visitors.

Indonesia’s First Objective Restaurant Awards

Inspired by the rise of the local food-driven culture, Bali’s Best Eats was launched in September 2018 as an extension of Jakarta’s Best Eats Awards. Established to recognize outstanding dining establishments amidst the highly competitive and ever-evolving dining scene, a panel of expert judges drawn from the food industry make anonymous visits on leading dining places where they directly purchase and evaluate items selected from the menu.

In 2018, Bali’s Best Eats blue-ribbon panel of judges selected the Top 40 restaurants in Bali resulting in a special mention for Ubud's Locavore named “Restaurant of the Year”, Wayan Kresna Yasa of Kaum Restaurant as “Chef of the Year”, and Frestro as "Bali’s Bar of the Year."

Encouraging a World-Class Dining Scene

Bali is currently undergoing a phase of unprecedented growth in its culinary industry, resulting in delicious rivalries and the creation of innovative dining trends. FoodieS Magazine together with the bottled mineral company, AQUA Reflections, commissions a panel of ‘gastronome’ judges to explore the hits and misses of the local food industry and to help the public navigate an otherwise confusing labyrinth that is Bali’s restaurant scene. The expert eyes of a distinguished panel of judges serve to inform about the creative talents behind the Island’s lucrative culinary industry while inspiring chefs and restaurateurs to continuously develop world-class dining experiences.

Jed Doble, the publisher of FoodieS Magazine said, “As the world of food and restaurants continue to evolve, Bali’s Best Eats is excited to evolve along with it. With these immense changes, it is always exciting to see new restaurants and chefs with new concepts and ideas taking up the spotlight. We are keeping the essence of Bali’s Best Eats Awards alive, that is to encourage culinary creativity and excellence, drive the local scene to even greater heights, and help ensure that every night is fully booked at the winning restaurants.”

Bali’s Best Eats 2019 Panel of Judges

Bali’s Best Eats has assembled a panel of reputable industry experts with diverse backgrounds and specialties, in order to ensure a credible, honest and ethical judging process.

The 2019  judging panel includes:

  1. Yuda Bustara, Celebrity Chef
  2. Janet de Neefe, Director Ubud Food Festival
  3. Jed Doble, Publisher FoodieS
  4. Sarah Dougherty, Food & Lifestyle Writer
  5. Maya Kerthyasa, Food & Lifestyle Writer
  6. Pierre Lang, Gourmand & Hotelier
  7. Rinrin Marinka, Celebrity Chef
  8. Dorian Pryce, F&B Professional
  9. Corine Tap, President Director, Aqua Danone

Restaurants compete in one of three categories:

  • Fine Dining - venues involved in making an illustrious effort in the pursuit of perfection in taste, presentation, creativity, service and table arrangement.
  • Upmarket Venues - venues going the extra mile to provide foodies with a smart, conceptual dining experience in an inviting ambiance.
  • Casual Dining - venues that stand out in offering relaxed, lively and straightforward food and beverage experience.

The establishments are judged on the following criteria:

  • 50% - Cuisine - based on taste, creativity, and execution
  • 20% - Quality of service
  • 20% - Drinks menu or wine list
  • 10% - Interior design or character

Using the above criteria, judges are allowed to vote on a restaurant only if they have eaten at the establishment in the past 12 months. All visits to the restaurant are made anonymously with bills paid directly by judges without any incentives or endorsements forming part of the evaluation process.

Bali’s Best Eats have formed a Chefs Academy to complement the voting performed by judges. Composed of leading chefs, the members of the Chefs Academy are invited to vote for the best restaurants in their city, with these votes becoming a part of the final decision on winners.

When the voting process ends, The Top 40 Restaurants will then be revealed during a Gala Awards Night to be held in December 2019.

To learn more, visit the Best Eats Website .