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Indonesia’s Bir Bintang Now Exported to USA

The Jakarta Globe reports that Multi Bintang Indonesia – the producers of Indonesia’s top-selling Bintang Beer, is now exporting its brewery product to the U.S. market.

The first shipment of Bintang Beer sailed from Jakarta’s Tandjung Priok port in early August 2018.

In May, Multi Bintang started exports to the South Korean market.

Michael Chin who serves as President Director of Multi Bintang Indonesia, said, "We are very proud that Bintang Beer, which is produced by Indonesians, will now be available on four continents,"

Meanwhile, a representative of the Ministry of Industry said tax revenues from the sale of alcoholic beverages in Indonesia increased 2.63% to Rp. 5.27 trillion in 2017.

Multi Bintang hopes that their beer will be popular with past visitors to Indonesia and as the beverage of choice in Southeast Asian Restaurants in the USA.

Bir Bintang will only be sold in cans in the USA market available at selected restaurants, shops near surfing beaches, premium supermarkets, and beverage chain stores.