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9 Restaurant Workers Sent to Hospital with Burns after Fire at Renon, Bali Restaurant

The explosion of a LPG tank at a local restaurant – Rumah Makan Lombok Idjo on Jalan Cok Agung Tresna, East Denpasar on Monday December 3, 2018, sent 9 employees for emergency care at the nearby Bros Hospital and Sanglah General Hospital for burn treatment. The six most severely burned were rushed to the burn unit at Sanglah Hospital while the remaining three were warded at The Bros Hospital.

As reported by Beritabali.com, fire authorities believe the casualties occurred when the 9 workers were late in escaping the kitchen that was on fire following the explosion of a 12 kilogram gas tank at around 7:30 pm.

One fire official said: “The 9 employees did not want to leave the kitchen and continued working. In fact, the tank had already exploded and the fire had commenced.” 

The six employee sent to the Sanglah General Hospital all suffered burns on more than 20% of their bodies. This included Made Sumerta (23) who was the worst affected with burns to 80% of his body. The remaining 5 warded at Sanglah Hospital were Mita (32), Iwan Susanto (22), Iin Indah Wahyuni (35), Koko Ali Saputra (21) and Gede Darma Yas (20) suffered burns over between 20% -80% of their bodies.

The three employee being treated at Bros Hospital were: I Putu Joni Sanjaya Putra (19) who suffered burns to his face, two arms and hands; Sariono (28) who suffered burns to the face, all his hair, skin loss on both hands, and acut to his right knee; and Anung Buana Kawinagara (33) who suffered burns over 37% of his body. 

Two days after the fire, I Putu Joni Sanjaya Putra and Iwan Susanto were discharged from the hospitals and allowed to return home.

Another employee, Debi Rasmayanti, told how while working in the kitchen area she heard the sound of leaking gas and smelled gas fumes. The woman immediately went to the separate room where gas storage tanks were stored to see gas lines had come loose of their fittings and large amounts of white smoke. She then went to the kitchen and told those working there to leave, but all reportedly refused. 

Rasmayanti then ran out alone to the parking area in front of the restaurant where she heard an explosion from the kitchen area accompanied by screams by the workers who stayed behind. A short time later the injured workers began emerging from the restaurant carrying with them burns and injuries.

It took nearly one hour for firefighters to extinguish the flames.

The owner of the Restaurant, Budi Wicaksono (34) was not at the restaurant at the time of the fire. He was with his wife who was in labor giving birth to their child.