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Nastasha, Bali Hai is Calling!

Bali Hai Beer Now Sold in Russia’s Far East

Tempo.co reports that Bali Hai - one of the local beers produced on the Island of Bali is now sold on the Far East Russian market in Primorsky Krai.

The Bali-made beer can now be found in 90% of the stores in Vladivostok and even in Russia’s capital of Moscow.

Enjoy Dia who works as First Secretary of the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow, announced the trade development on behalf of M Wahid Supriyadi, the Indonesian Ambassador to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. 

Russian importers feel there is a huge potential market for Bali Hai Beer in the Russian Far East. Since February 2018, a total of 30 containers of Bali Hai worth an estimated $450,000 has been exported to Russia.

An importer in East Russia, Valentin Ushakov, confirmed he will import $1.5 million of Bali Hai in 2019. Ushakov also has plans to import other Indonesian-made products, including palm oil products, coffee, instant noodle, and paper products.