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Winners of Bali’s Best Eats Award and Guide 2018 Announced

The 40 Winners of Bali’s Best Eats Award and Guide 2018 have been announced by FoodieS Magazine at the inaugural Bali’s Best Eats Awards held on November 29, 2018 at Ayana Resort & Spa in Jimbaran, Bali.

Recognizing the higher quality restaurants in Bali reflecting the increasingly foodie-driven culture available to both Indonesian and international visitors to the Island, FoodieS Magazine, in cooperation with  Indonesia’s leading mineral water -  AQUA Reflections, has expanded the Best Eats concept to accommodate a listing of the leading dining venues on the Island of Gods - Bali.

FoodieS Magazine is an English-language magazine covering food and beverage activities in Jakarta, Bali, and the rest of Indonesia. Each edition is distributed to 30,000 print subscribers and has 60,000 digital impressions through its online edition.

The Bali’s Best Eats Awards and Guide exposes the creative talents behind Bali’s successful culinary industry, inspiring chefs and restaurateurs to develop and continually evolve world-class dining experiences for discerning travelers to Bali.

Jed Doble, the Publisher of FoodieS Magazine said, “We wanted to create an award system not only as a guide for diners to choose the best dining venues in Bali but also to show visitors to Bali all the great work that chefs on the island have been doing and what truly sets one restaurant apart from another. Bali’s Best Eats Awards will encourage culinary creativity and excellence, drive the local scene to even greater heights and help ensure that every night is fully booked at the restaurants.”

“Reflections of You” is a campaign pioneered by AQUA Reflections to recognize inspirational figures in matters of lifestyle, art, fashion and culinary skill. By working together with FoodieS Magazine, AQUA Reflections acknowledges top culinary industry talents. “We are taking a tangible step to show our commitment as AQUA Reflections in contributing to lift the standard in quality for Indonesia’s culinary industry through Bali’s Best Eats. In addition, we hope that Bali’s Best Eats will trigger more local culinary talents to keep on progressing and innovating to achieve excellence in the Bali culinary industry”, said Flora Tobing, AQUA Reflections Brand Manager

Panel of Judges

Bali’s Best Eats assembled a panel of industry experts to serve a judges:

  • Yuda Bustara – Celebrity Chef
  • Janet de Neefe – Founder, Ubud Food Festival
  • Sandra Djohan – Chef & Hotelier
  • Jed Doble – Publisher, FoodieS Magazine
  • Guillaume Epinette – Sommelier & Hotelier
  • Pierre Lang – Gourmand, Hotelier and member Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Baillage Bali
  • Rinrin Marinka - Celebrity Chef
  • Corine Tap – President Director PT. Tirta Investama (Danone AQUA)
  • Simon Ward – Founder, Bali Food Safari

The judges were evaluated establishments vying for honors in one of three categories of competition:

  • Fine Dining - venues making an illustrious effort in the pursuit of perfection in taste, presentation, creativity, service, and table arrangement.
  • Upscale Dining - venues providing a smart, conceptual dining in an inviting ambience.
  • Casual Dining - venues offering relaxed, a lively and straightforward food and beverage experiences.

Establishments were judged on taste; creativity and execution of cuisine; quality of service; drinks menu and wine list; and interior design. Judges were only permitted to vote for a restaurant if they have eaten there over the past 12 months without identifying themselves as jury members. To ensure objectivity, the short-listed restaurants for the award was kept confidential prior to the gala award evening.

Bali’s Best Eats Awards

Overall Winners

  • Restaurant of the Year - Locavore
  • Chef of the Year – Wayan Kresna Yasa, Executive Chef, KAUM
  • Bar of the Year –FRESTRO (Presented by Johnnie Walker)

Best Fine Dining Venues Presented Alphabetically

  • Blanco par Mandif
  • CasCades
  • CUCA
  • Kayuputi
  • Kubu
  • Locavore
  • Metis
  • Mozaic
  • Salon Bali
  • Teatro Gastroteque

Best Upscale Dining Venues Presented Alphabetically

  • Above Eleven
  • Barbacoa
  • Bikini
  • DaMaria
  • Dava
  • Hujan Locale
  • Indigo
  • Ji Terrace
  • Kaum
  • Kayu Bakar
  • Kilo Kitchen
  • MamaSan
  • Manarai Beach House
  • Merah Puti
  • Nusantara
  • Sake No Hana
  • Sangsaka
  • The Sayan House

Best Casual Dining Venues Presented Alphabetically

  • Biku
  • BO$$ MAN
  • Full Circle
  • Ginger Moon
  • Mason
  • Sisterfields
  • Soul on the Beach
  • Tropicola
  • Ulekan
  • Watercress