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Art from a Female Perspective: Pertiwi – Motherland

Exhibition by Three Female Balinese Artists at Santrian Gallery in Sanur, Bali Through Thursday, April 30, 2020


Ni Nyoman Sani, Gusti Ketut Oka Armini, and Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani – are the three female Balinese artists are jointly exhibiting at an exhibition named “Pertiwi” or “Motherland” at  The Santrian Art Gallery at The Griya Santrian Resort & Spa in Sanur through Thursday, April 30, 2020.


While female artists remain in the minority in Bali, the current exhibition offers testament that that women artists are a force to be heard and reckoned with in the rich and varied domain of art on the Island.


Since the compulsion to follow and take heed of the visual arts is driven by a desire to comprehend the variety and depth of expression that is at the very soul of art, the decidedly different nuance of vision presented by women artists merits closer examination. 


The three artists in the current exhibition “Pertiwi” are Ni Nyoman Sani who has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Denpasar Institute of Arts (STSI/ISI); Gusti Ketut Oka Armini who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic arts from the Yogyakarta School of Fines Arts/Institute of Art (FSRD ISI Yogyakarta); and Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani who is a student studying at ITB’s School of Fines Arts (FSDR ITB Bandung). 


These three very talented artists present a combined body of works that is fully matured both in terms of technical achievement and its bold interpretation of the theme. While each artist comes to the exhibition with a unique artistic voice, the resulting chorus proves that the whole can indeed prove greater than the sum of its parts. 



Each artist, a mother in her own right, participates in this exhibition themed “Motherland” by bringing a unique way of interpreting the theme through visual exploration, according to personal characteristics and tendency.


In Nyoman Sani’s compositions, her artistic gesticulation and use of color express a self-appreciation as both an artist and a mother. Gusti Oka Armini’s uses lines and streaks, carved in lino media with chipped out print technique (reduction printing), result in poetic representations of plants. While Ayu Sri Wardani’s strokes of the paintbrush speak of the inner-shock felt by a mother who realizes that life is difficult, manifested by this artist in the metaphor of North Sumatra’s Lake Toba.


Pertiwi – Motherland

An Exhibition of Three Female Artists from Bali

Ni Nyoman Sani

Gusti Ketut Oka Armini

Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani

Exploring Motherhood the Energy of Life

Open Daily (Except Nyepi) 10:00 am until 6:00 pm

Through Thursday, April 30, 2020


The Santrian Art Gallery

Griya Santrian Resort & Spa

Jalan Danau Tamblingan 47

Sanur, Denpasar



Telephone: +62-(0)3610288181