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Don we Did Our Gay Apparel

Gay, Transgender and other Marginal Groups in Singaraja North Bali Participate in Pre-Independence Day Parade on Friday August 10, 2018

In the lead up to the 73rd anniversary of Indonesian Independence on August 17, 2018, the Nation’s founding was celebrated in North Bali with a full embrace of the National Motto of “Unity in Diversity” on Friday, August 10, 2018 via a parade through the streets of Singaraja in North Bali that included for the first time the participation of 22 teams from “Gerak Jalan Kocak dan Kreatif GJKK (Hilarious and Creative Street Action).

Balipost.com and NusaBali.com report that the teams forming GJKK came from a range of sources, including isolated members of Balinese society ranging from the disabled citizen, to transgenders, and members of the gay community in Singaraja – all eager to add to the festivities marking Indonesian Independence.

The involvement of GJKK in the Singaraja parade was the brainchild of the National Sports Committee in Buleleng (KONI – Buleleng). The parade featuring the 22 delightfully different teams covered a distance of 2.2-kilometers stretching from Taman Kota Singaraja and ending the GOR Bhuana Patra Singaraja.



Each GJKK team performed a lively  artistic presentations at two stops along the parade route, allowing each group to freely express themselves on the understanding that no individual or organization be criticized or pornographic content displayed.

A group representing the LGBT Community in Singaraja won applause from the thousands watching the parade when they appeared dressed and cavorting as female tigers. Area schools and government offices also organized humorous marching groups including one comprised of women - all made to appear thay are in an advanced state of pregnancy.

The chairman of KONI-Buleleng, Nyoman Arta Widnyana, said the involvement of GJKK is intended to entertain the public celebrating Indonesia’s 73rd Anniversary.  At the same time, Widnyana said the organizers wished to provide an avenue for participants to share their creativity. The group judged to have made the best presentation won Rp. 15 million and trophies. The GJKK groups judged second and third-best won Rp. 12 million and Rp. 10 million, respectively.

Separately, the Deputy-Regent of Buleleng, Dr. Dyoman Sutjidra, said that GJKK’s participation for the first time by KONI-Buleleng was done in order to allow every component of the public to entertain and join the fun of August 17th celebrations.