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Sensibility Line – An Artistic Path

Solo Painting Exhibition by Made Wiradana at Griya Santrian Art Gallery through October 31, 2018

Griya Art Gallery at The Griya Santrian Beach Resort and Spa presents a painting exhibition “Sensibility Line - Made Wiradana’s Artistic Path”.

Lines are the force in Wiradana’s art works, lines that are spontaneous and expressive, not burdened by any formal narrative, lines that are deliberately allowed to flow freely. “Wira” is able to control the wildness of his fingers through incised lines, and creating accents using color blocking. This is where his sensibility comes to life, blending the composition between line, texture, field and color.

This sensibility is built with a profound appreciation of the formal aspects of art, which has been intensively developed through a life-long creative process. Wira’s life has not been smooth and without challenges, yet he has remained dynamically committed along a creative path, his own ‘Sensibility Line’.

The artist Made Wiradana was born in Bali on October, 27 1968. He Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Jojgakarta in 1995 and has received various awards including  Philip Morris Art Awards (1995 & 1998), Belgium Ambassador Art Award (2006), Beijing Art Institute for Art Appreciation (2017), and Gold Medal Asian Art Bienial Hong Kong (2018).

Ida Bagus Gede Sidharta Putra, owner of Griya Art Gallery and general manager of the Griya Santrian Resort, said:  “I am hoping by endorsing this exhibition, we can generate intense dialogue about creative and art ideas and thoughts.”

“Sensibility Line - Made Wiradana’s Artistic Path”

Griya Santrian Art Gallery

The Griya Santrian Resort in Sanur, Bali

Open Daily 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Through October 31, 2018

For information, contact Ibu Dayu at The Griya Santrian Art Gallery at telephone +62-(0)361-288181 or Email.