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Ubud Food Festival Returns to Ubud for Fifth Year April 26-28, 2019

The Ubud Food Festival (UFF) returns to Central Bali April 26-28, 2019

After attracting some 12,000 foodies in 2018, UFF is returning in 2019, seeking to repeat its success for a fifth consecutive year. And, as in years past, UFF will present culinary discussions, cooking demonstrations, seminars, cooking classes, special food programs, musical performance, and films, book launchings.

For it 2019 program, the Ubud Food Festival has adopted the theme “Spice Up to the World”.

Janet DeNeefe, the founder and director of UFF, said the “Spice Up to the World” theme is intended to help elevate Indonesian cuisine to wide acceptance internationally. According to DeNeefe, while Thai and Vietnamese food is honored internationally, Indonesian food has yet to achieve equal status. Fortunately, this is changing with Indonesian food gaining greater notoriety around the globe.

According to DeNeefe, proof of this are the food trucks offering Indonesian food that are now frequently found on the streets of Melbourne. “In Jakarta and Bali, there are also now many restaurants now offering local food presented at an international presentation class,” added Janet DeNeefe.

At UFF 2019 local “food heroes” will join discussions and demonstrations promoting Indonesian cuisine.