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The Tanah Lot Art and Food Festival (TLAFF) August 18- 20, 2018 Enjoys Divine Inspiration.

The Tanah Lot Art and Food Festival (TLAFF) to be held in the area surrounding the iconic Balinese Tanah Lot Temple in West Bali (Tabanan), August 18-20, 2018, will include a mass traditional “Rejeng Sandat Ratu Segera” – a sacred and mystical dance from the Balinese dance repertoire involving 1,800 dancers.

The decision to stage the dance at this time is linked to Bali Hindu religious sentiments and numerological traditions. The performance by 1,800 dancers at Tanah Lot on  18/08/2018 at 18:00 hours is linked to the face that the date (18) and the year (18) both add up to 9 – a number believed to be a perfect figure by Balinese numerologists. What’s more, the organizers claim a “pawisik” or “whispered voice” has ordered that the dance be held.

As reported by Beritabali.com, the Rejeng Sandat Ratu Segera will be performed by 1,800 high school and junior high school students from Tabanan as part of the TLAFF’s overall theme of “Bhakti Pujaning Segara” – an offering to the powerful oceans.

Originally, plans were for the dance to be performed by 3,600 dance, a number later reduced based on the limitations of the performance area and out of respect for numerology considerations. Because the dance is a sacred presentation performed by women, local tradition dictates that performer who may be menstruating on the day of the dance must excuse themselves. To this end, 100 replacement dancers will be waiting in the wings on August 18th to replace any performers afflicted by “Kotor kain” (stained cloth).

A dress rehearsal of the colossal dance will be staged on August 15th.

As part of the festival, 10 of Tabanan’s best baristas will be preparing coffee brews made with beans grown in the Regency.

The manager of the Tanah Lot Complex, Ketut Toya Adnyana, said he hopes 60,000 visitors will be attracted to Tanah Lot during the August 18-20 festival.

Special lifeguards will be on duty during the event to prevent visitors from venturing too close to the seas in the event large wave occur during the festival.

This year’s TLAFF will be the second time the event intended to publicize Tanah Lot and draw more visitors to the area.