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Whispers on the Grasslands

An Exquisite Ikat Exhibition at Padma Resort Legian – Saravasti Design Store Through February 15, 2019

A special exhibition at the Padma Resort Legian will expose Ikat Sumba - the traditional textiles of Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara. Organized under the title “Whisper on the Grassland” this event is a celebration of magnificent traditional textiles from East Sumba.

The textiles on display are made from centuries-old weaving traditions and methods handed down from generation to generation. The Ikat weaving traditions found across Indonesia are famous for the diversity of weaving and dying traditions reflecting complexity, rich colors, and unique designs based on human, animals, and plant themes. "We are thrilled to have this event at Padma Resort Legian, the resort is well-known for bringing art as an essential part of the resort through interior designs, landscapes, several events and many more. Our aim is to introduce Indonesian heritage especially Ikat to Padma Resort Legian's guests from diverse countries", said Anny Soerjanto, creative director.

Traditional textiles of Indonesia, also known as Wastra, have played an important role in the social, cultural, and spiritual development of the archipelago. As the indigenous people were originally naked, a piece of cloth became an exclusive statement declaring one’s place in the social hierarchy. In time, clothes were ornamented to honor the deceased in funeral rituals.

Particularly in East Sumba, the textile becomes a symbol for the connection between physical and spiritual world, between the people here on earth and their ancestors and divinity. Certain pieces of Ikat are made to fulfil a requirement of some elements in the ritual. Until this present time, the sacred rituals of passage marking births, birthdays, deliverance from illness, marriages, birth rituals, and funereal rites see ikat playing a central role.

Furthermore, the extensively ornamented Ikat of Sumba represent through their color, size, and motifs how commoners and members of royalty are distinguished. The motifs are derived from myths and stories passed from generation to generation. In certain cases, specific motifs were reserved exclusively for a single clan’s use.

The East Sumbanese have developed a local method called Pahikung. Pahikung textiles are very sophisticated and technically demanding pieces of textile handicraft. The weaver employs supplementary warp methods to embellish textiles with an infinite range of geometric designs. It is believed that East Sumba is the region in the Malay Archipelago where Pahikung has reached its highest degree of refinement.

Until this very moment, the weavers in East Sumba still employ the traditional natural dying technique rooted in their culture. To obtain red-maroon, they use the root of morinda ctrifolia, while blue is obtained from the leaves of indigo tinctoria. The bark of ceriops tagal creates ochre color, and the bark of maclura chochinchinensis makes yellow.

This exhibition is the first series of Indonesian Textile Exhibition in Padma Resort Legian. Revealing the local wisdom of Indonesian craftsmen, which are becoming increasingly extinct, is the main objective of this exhibition. It is also expected that this exhibition will bring some economic value that could serve as an encouragement for local craftsmen to preserve their culture and knowledge.

The exhibition is open daily from November 26th until February 15, 2019. In addition to the textiles on display, the exhibition also includes a displays of East Sumbanese crafts and photography.

All guests are welcome. There is no admission Charge
Whispers on the Grasslands
An Exhibition of the Ikat of Sumba Island
Saravasti Design Store - Padma Resort Legian, Bali
Admission: Free of Charge
From November 26, 2018 – February 15, 2019
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