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The Viceroy Villa features two very large bedrooms set either side of a huge open sitting room. All rooms open onto a large infinity-edge swimming pool set in a lush tropical garden which overlooks a dramatic view of a forested ravine and a rushing river.
Each of the large bedrooms in this stunning suite has its own private sitting room with full service satellite television. In each, the beds can be configured either as two large singles or one king size double. 24 hour dedicated butler service is provided as is a private bar area with refrigerator. The bedrooms are completely private from each other and would well suit two couples. If desired, one of the bedrooms can quickly be reconfigured as a business suite or formal dining room to suit your specific needs.
Lovely differences do exist between the two bedrooms in this suite however, mainly in the layout of their separate baths. The first bedroom's bathroom is vast and features a waterfall covering one entire curved wall behind the large bath. It has a completely separated high pressure shower area and enclosed toilet for privacy.
The second bedroom's bathroom is open and integrated with the room. It is finished in an exquisite light marble and features a large bath and separate high pressure shower.

Viceroy Villa, Viceroy Bali
Viceroy Villa

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