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Mimpi Resort Menjangan
Courtyard Villa with Pool

The Villas are the hallmark of the quality of Mimpi accommodation. Surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, the spacious ground is connected by pathways leading to luxury and privacy of the courtyard villas.
Each villa is entered through a Balinese gate unique in its design and ambiance Each villa is provided with its own private hot spring tub beside the bale bengon as a private amenity in its courtyard. The tub is made of natural blue stones brought from Jawa and large enough for four people. Deluxe villas provide a dip pool as well for you to alternate between hot and cold.
Bale bengong is typical of Balinese culture-a resting place in the private courtyard. Soak in the hot spring, delight in the cool of the dip pool, and relax in the bale bengon. It's all yours, for your private world of relaxation. A deluxe villa with bale bengong, dip pool and hot spring tub. The romantic setting is enhanched at night by liighting up. The shower space is open to skies and stars, and accessible directly from the courtyard in wet swimsuits.
The cool comfort of the bedroom is achieved by the white marble floor and the warm color of natural wood furniture. Some villas are provided with a loft space for the convenience of a family and a small group of friends.
Mimpi's one of a kind bathroom, spacious with its woode sink-top and full-length mirror. Even a reading stand is provided in front of the toilet for those who are accustomed to it at home.

Courtyard Villa with Pool, Mimpi Resort Menjangan
Courtyard Villa with Pool