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Walter Spies Pavillion

The Suite is built in tribute to the famous German painter for his great contribution to Balinese art. Other than some personal memorabilia of Walter Spies which has been taken from his house in Java, this suite also features private plunge pool, separate living room, Javanese sunken bath and a private garden. Walter Spies, an artist who spent much of his life educating artists in Yogyakarta and later, in Bali found fame in Indonesia, his evocative paintings portraying an era and natural beauty that has almost disappeared. Tribute was paid to this great artist by building him a unique and beautiful pavilion in Djojodipoeran (Yogya) in 1924, a time when Spies was still actively teaching young musicians and painters in Yogyakarta. The colonial style architecture of the Walter Spies Pavilion is reminiscent of his days in Yogya.

Walter Spies Pavillion, Tugu Bali Hotel
Walter Spies Pavillion

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