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Following Bali Update’s Editorial on Channel Seven Australia's Unfair Treatment of Bali, We Get a Record Number of Readers Emails

Bali News: Bali, Indonesia, Bali Indonesia, Channel 7, What Really Happens in Bali
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Our Editorial in Edition #919 of the Bali Update Giving Channel Seven Australia an Aussie Salute challenged both the fairness and objectivity of Channel Seven Australia’s coverage of Bali. Particular focus was give to a new observational-documentary series “What Really Happens in Bali.”

Sensationalist and unbalanced in its coverage, “What Really Happens in Bali” promises to appeal greatly to those who seek puerile titillation by following the life styles of the dregs of Australian society “on holiday” in Bali.

Our editorial called upon Channel Seven to give equal time to tell the stories of the many Australians who are outstanding members of the Bali community making meaningful contributions to the lives of the Balinese.

Our editorial brought a record number to supporting comments. Here’s a sampling:

  • Peter McIntosh wrote:
“If only more people or media would speak up as you have done and show the commercial TV stations up for what they really are - sensationalists of the worst order! Well done and keep chipping away, you have our vote!”
  • Ibu Jenny in Australia wrote in:
“I totally agree with you. We love Bali and travel to Ubud every year. I will not watch this show.”
  • Sue Robson contributed:
“I travel to Bali often & have not seen the show yet but whatever they show it will never change my love for Bali! Many people ask me & I tell them the same thing over & over, be cautious & you will have the best trip of your life. True Bali travelers will ALWAYS come back & bring their friends. Never fear Bali will ALWAYS be my home away from home.”
  • Susan Philips said:
“Well said!!!! Loved this piece.”
  • Lynette of the Bali Benih Harapan Foundation added:
“Shame on you Channel 7. I, like you, believe that there are so many good stories of Australian helping people in Bali including myself and our charity, maybe they should go outside the square and visit these beautiful people who are the true Bali, what they are reporting on is a very small part of Bali. Thank you for this story. I like you love Bali and the people especially my dear friend John Fawcett "
  • Kerry Bevis commented:
“I absolutely agree with everything you have said in your article. My husband and I have traveled to beautiful Bali over 20 times and love it. I get frustrated by all the bad publicity Bali receives from the media, which unfortunately is bought on by the drunken loud-mouthed Aussies. That is only the superficial rubbish. Dig deeper to see the beautiful people, the wonderful sights and the amazing people that quietly go about their business in helping Bali grow and prosper. Don’t bag Bali because a minority group of morons go there to cause trouble and disrespect the people and their culture. Shame on them and the media."
  • Jude wrote:
“Congratulations! A great article/editorial. Your words are so true. Obviously this so called 'doco' is about 'partyland'! Every tourist destination in the world has one, not just Bali. I doubt that they have done any filming outside the Kuta area that will definitely make it a very biased program. And why have they not tried to source the positive side of Kuta, I'm sure that there is one. As you have said there is so much more positive work achieved, not only Australian expats.”

“I am an Australian living in Bali (northern part) in a Balinese village with not a tourist or expat in sight. I love it. I hope that your article has an IMPACT on the powers that be at Channel 7”
  • Rosalind Robinson an American and the Past President of the Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset wrote:
“Thanks very much for this Jack! Quite true that many Australians have done outstanding work to improve the lives of Balinese - Ubud is full of Ozzies who can make their country proud.”
  • Terry Roberts from Australia took time to say:
“Completely agree with all of your comments regarding Channel 7. They're not interested in telling people the real truth about Bali. They can't tell the real truth from sensational rubbish anyway.”
  • Janine from Australia chimed in:
“That's right - we see so many negative stories about Bali in Australia. It's rubbish and I refuse to watch. Lot's of Australians know it's rubbish and love Bali and the Balinese.”
  • A reader named Henry said:
“I applaud this editorial 100% I contacted these people when they were looking for stories as I am involved with 2 other people from Australia in the care of a little boy in Singaraja who has a life-threatening skin condition but our intervention saved his life. Obviously not raunchy enough for these cretins as they didn't even acknowledge my e-mail, but it really didn't surprise me. Channel 7 is the scum of the media and don't be surprised if the program is pulled due to the overwhelming complaints they are going to get, this is the lowest of the low in gaining the advertising dollar but I am sure the whole thing is going to backfire on them because the regular visitors to Bali, including the ones who work in ensuring the welfare of underprivileged children. These people are going to overheat the channel 7 switchboards. Thank you very much for the article...let's just wait and see the **** hit the fan! "
  • Kevin Bell in Bali said:
“Unfortunately the Fairfax print media are even worse in their constant Indonesia bashing! Their 'selective reporting' of the 'poor little Schapelle' trial was a perfect example.”
  • Ron Hope said:
“Your comments are well made. Channel Seven has now gone past the point of even being considered as ridiculous.”
  • Margaret Daws added:
“Well said and well written, I can assure you that myself and all of my family and friends are sick of media Bali Bashing, we love Bali, it’s culture and most importantly it's people, and after 60 plus visits we will continue to come and support Bali. Thank and keep up your good work.”
  • Peter Walker felt compelled to say:
“Bravo! Well-written article in response to the constant ‘Bali-bashing’ inflicted on the Australian public. I have already copped some flak from family/friends about 'how dangerous Bali is'. Any place on this earth can be dangerous, including Australia. And how many overseas visitors die in Australia, be it by accident or (as recently seen in Queensland) murder? Keep up the pressure on Ch 7. Congrats!”
  • Mark Regan writing from Australia said:
“Totally agree with the editorial comments, especially the ‘Hyperbole masquerading as new.’ Channel 7, and the West Australian newspaper continue to provide a totally biased and sensationalized view of anything Bali or Indonesian-based. Their bias is obvious to most west Australians, but they can always find uninformed viewers/readers to aim their reports at. However, there are lots of West Australians that do not believe this 'crap' that they serve, and we do not watch Channel 7 news shows anymore, mainly as there is no real 'news.’ It is mainly just a re-hash of what someone else has already reported, and usually better."

"What happened to their daily front-page news articles regarding the Australian lady and daughter who died from 'Food Poisoning in Bali' (with warnings 'Don't Trust the Medical Examiners’ and 'Bring their Bodies Home'? Months later and a small article on about page 27. If you want a fair and truthfully view of news, avoid Channel 7 and the West Australian.”

  • Cindee wrote:

“Thank you Bali Discovery for voicing your opinions of Channel 7's ridiculously bias reporting which has frustrated me on all levels. I get really fed up with Channel 7's continuous outrageous bias reports and programs. I often say to my husband: ‘Hello, here is yet another Channel 7 Bali bashing.”

"The number of Australian visitors to the island speaks for itself, yet Chanel 7 still continues to drag Bali's reputation through the mud. I often wonder whether they have some sort of sponsorship deal with Tourism Australia or the government, as I just don't understand what they achieve by reporting such rubbish! I wish they would spend a day with BARC or BAWA and see the hard work some Australians are putting in to education and training for the people of Bali. Maybe then they can report on an interesting side of Bali that is not speckled with Australian yobbo’s drinking themselves silly and partying all day/night, disrespecting such a beautiful island.”

“Thank you once again, it’s so nice to know I am not the only person outraged by this media outlet's anti-Bali vendetta.”

  • Terri from Australia wrote:
“I’m fed up with stupid Ozzies that travel to Bali and to drink and then into fights and then give Bali a bad name. I holiday in Bali every year for a month and can only praise the Balinese. I sponsor a child in Singaraja. Visit with the family and always made to feel very welcome. I have never had any problems. Not been sick. I LOVE Bali and the people culture and laws."
  • Rosemary Honess contributed from Australia:
“As is usual with the media, only believe half of what you read and see. As with any travel you have to take precautions and act sensibly. I think they (Channel 7) are trying to promote travel within Australia. For me, it won't work. Four nights down south of us cost over $AUD1000. We can fly to Bali and stay for 2 weeks and be treated like kings for that price. So, no, what the media is saying just doesn't do it for us. We will keep on going to Bali at least twice a year."
  • Adele Baker wrote from Australia:
"BRAVO Jack!"

"Bravo for taking this stand! No they didn't interview me about my tireless work with Bali Hati, feeding 8,000 souls, rebuilding schools, providing 1,200 uniforms, desks and computers. Nor did they interview Marilyn Murray for her tireless, continuing efforts making the lives of physically damaged Balinese a little easier. I will NEVER forget the delight of 30 disabled children, some who had to be carried when taken on a picnic to the beach! These children and adults had never seen a beach! Marilyn organized transport facilities and careers. A mighty effort on her part but she told me the sheer delight of these people made it all worthwhile!
There are others, who like us, love Bali, her people and do this work for them! "

"No, Jack, Channel 7 didn't talk to us!"

"Good on you for your great editorial!"

  • Glenis from Australia wrote:
“I agree it is just sour grapes by Channel 7. I for one won't be watching it and will rebuke any comments against Bali by others. If you haven't visited the island don't listen to a biased report by a disgruntled TV channel, but go to Bali and find out for yourself.”
  • Graeme Wrigglesworth in Australia added:
“About time someone wrote this. Well done. I have been so cheesed off for a long time with the negative feed back about Bali from the Australian media. They should be writing about the lack of respect some Australians have for the people and the culture in Bali. These bogans are the people who talk to the media. I take my hat off to all those Australians who are representing our country in such a good manner. Hope to be one of them one day.”
  • Doug McPherson from Australia wrote us a note:
“A great article and very true to the point. I am a very regular visitor to beautiful Bali and must live under a rock to miss all of these supposed happenings. Sure there are a few idiots who do the stupid things that make headlines and definitely forget their responsibilities.”
  • Australian Bob Danks added:
“Any hope of a fair go from Channel 7 is wishful thinking. I have been visiting Bali and Java from Australia as a tourist for 20 years and have never experienced any of the absurd claims often made by the Australian media regarding Bali. The channel 7 light is never lit on my television. I want unbiased and real news and not the nonsense on that channel."
  • Doug Meikle wrote:
“Wholeheartedly agree. I'm so sick of the sensationalist manufactured Bali gossip peddled by the Australian media as ‘news’. So sick of it I'm considering changing citizenship! Poor taste rubbish 7. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

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