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The Battle Ahead

Head of the Indonesian Armed Forces, General Gatot Nurmantio, Warns the Nation Faces Many Challenges Due to Unequalled Global Change.

Bali News: Bali, General Nurmantio, overpopulation, Pancasila, FBN
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(8/13/2017) reports that the Commander of the Indonesian Armed Force (Panglima TNI), Gatot Nurmantio, speaking in Bali on Friday, August 5, 2017, used the occasion to sound a warning of the dangers of National Disintegration.

In an oration delivered at a Front for National Defense (FBN) gathering  at Taman Bhagawan on Tanjung Benoa, the High Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces delivered the stern warning that the Indonesian public must be on guard in the face of a number of global challenges. “In the contexts of global competition, Indonesia must be alert and takes steps in order to win. If we are not fully aware of these challenges, Indonesia will lose,” warned the General.

Continuing, the Supreme Commander said one of the challenges Indonesia faces is the unprecedented level of global population growth. In making his point, the General cited the 18th Century works of Rev, Thomas Robert Malthus who warned of the grave consequence of uncontrolled population growth in the face of limited food, energy, and natural resources.

Painting a stark picture of the future, General Nurmantio said that unless population growth is brought under control, the world would be forced to "resort to cannibalism"  Underlining his argument, the General said that in the year 1800 the population of the planet was 1 billion. It took another 130 years to add a further 1 billion and only 30 years after that to add 1 billion more, bringing the world’s population to 3 billion in 1960. The next billion, bringing the population to 4 billion, happened in 1975, supplemented by another 1 billion to 5 billion in  another 12 years (1987). The next billion arrived just 10 years later (1997) for a total of 6 billion. Now, in 2017, the population of the world has hit a staggering 7.5 billion.

The General warned that the world has long surpassed its carrying capacity with 41 thousand children now dying each day due to disease and starvation. Meanwhile, fossil fuels are now coming to their end. As a result, Nurmantio predicted that populations would gradually  shift to ASEAN, Central Africa, and Latin America in search of dwindling supplies of food and energy.

Additiionally, the technological revolution brought on by the computer age, Nurmantio warned, will result in growing unemployment.

In the near future, he said wars will be fought over energy resources and water.

The Indonesian Military Commander warned that the changing global situation would be acutely felt in Indonesia. As an equatorial nation, Indonesia has tremendous vegetation, the second largest shoreline in the world, vast ocean resources, and vast jungles. He said that in the future people would migrate to Indonesia in search of water, food, and energy.

Finally, he warned that Indonesia must anticipate the future by enhancing its nationalistic spirit, patriotism, and national unity and oppose any effort to displace the national commitment to Pancasila.

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