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Sanur, Bali

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Bali Culinary Professionals Monthly Luncheon at Ginger Moon – Saturday, February 28, 2015 (1/31/2015)
Governor Calls for Detailed Study of Suicide in Bali (1/31/2015)
Minister of Transportation Order to Bar Overloaded Trucks from Entering Bali Remains Unenforced in the Face of Defiant Truck Drivers (1/31/2015)
Indonesian Tourism Minister Thinks Bali Needs a 100,000-person Capacity Exhibition Hall (1/31/2015)
Indonesian Visitors without Valid KTP Refused Entry to Bali at Gilimanuk Port (1/31/2015)
NZ Media Couple Report Inappropriate Request from Bali Traffic Cop (1/31/2015)
Australian Federal Police Will Continue to Provide Information to Assist Indonesian Police in the Arrest of Australian Lawbreakers (1/30/2015)
Baggage Storage Facilities at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (1/30/2015)
Indonesian Airlines Required to Check Cockpit Crew's Health on Each Flight Before Takeoff (1/30/2015)
Garuda to Resume Inclusion of Passenger Service Charge in Ticket Price Effective February 1, 2015 (1/30/2015)
Immigration, Police and Manpower Officials to Closely Supervise Foreign Workers in 2015 (1/30/2015)
Garuda Indonesia Earns Five Star Rating from Skytrax (1/30/2015)
Bali Drug Prisoners Will be Relocated to Java for Execution (1/30/2015)
International Wine Legend Christian Vannequé Dies in Bali at 65 (1/30/2015)
Governor Pastika Opens Indian Classical Music Performance at Festival of India (1/30/2015)
Strong Demand in Chinese Market for Beijing to Bali Flights (1/30/2015)
An 80-year-old German Dies at Sanur Resort from Heart Failure. (1/30/2015)
German Alex Dietzsch to Head Food and Beverage at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua (1/25/2015)
Indonesia Consumer Protection Foundation Says Strong Sanctions Needed for Errant Airlines (1/25/2015)
Revolusi Mental: A Small Change in Driver License Rules Would Make a Big Difference in the Daily Life of Many Bali Visitors (1/24/2015)
Paris Hilton Tweets her Arrival Details to Bali (1/24/2015)
Bali by the Numbers: Bali Ends 2014 with Record High 3.76 million Foreign Visitors (1/24/2015)
Employees Accuse Sky Garden in Kuta of Tax Manipulation (1/23/2015)
Bali Governor Says He Prefers Execution of Bali Nine Members be Done Outside of Bali (1/23/2015)
Government Must Keep its Promise to Increase Tourism Promotional Budget to US$100 million (1/23/2015)
87-year-old German Woman Margaretta Falkenberg Dies at Villa in Tabanan, Bali (1/23/2015)
Surabaya Emergency Runway Repairs Cause Flight Diversions to Bali (1/23/2015)
Governor Proposes Price Regulation of Bali Hotels to End Room Rate War (1/23/2015)
Bali Governor Wants All Senior Provincial Employees to be English Proficient. (1/23/2015)
Indonesia to Outlaw Sale of Alcohol at Minimarkets and Convenience Stores Effective April 16, 2015. (1/23/2015)
Balinese Family of Five Dies in Mysterious Tower Hotel Fire in Klungkung (1/23/2015)
Bali 2015 Election Schedule Announced for Regents and Mayor in Denpasar, Badung, Tabanan, Bangli and Karangasem (1/23/2015)
Bali Anti-Narcotic Czar Calls for Speedy Execution of Australian Narcotic Offenders (1/23/2015)
TripAdvisor Names Top Ten Travelers’ Choice Award Winners in Java and Bali (1/23/2015)
Governor Pledges Assistance to Bali Peace Park Planners in Effort to Find Owner of Former Sari Club (1/23/2015)
Indonesian Officials Say Strong Bilateral Relations with Australia will Endure the Imminent Execution of Australian Drug Smugglers (1/23/2015)
Remaining 2 Fugitives Captured in Bali Murder of Australian-British Expatriate Bob Ellis (1/23/2015)
President Rejects Clemency Plea from Bali Nine Member Andrew Chan (1/23/2015)
Bali Truckers with Overloaded Trucks Stage Protests at Gilimanuk Weigh Station (1/19/2015)
Lawmakers Call for Demolition of Hotels and Restaurants that Break Zoning and Building Codes (1/19/2015)
Nearly Completed Bangli Narcotics Prison Does Not Have an Official Building Permit (1/19/2015)
Festival of India in Indonesia January – March 2015 (1/18/2015)
Indonesia Executed Six Narcotic Offenders on Sunday, January 18, 2015 (1/18/2015)
Angry Residents Living Near Bali’s Airport Forcibly Dismantle Road Barrier Erected by Airport Authority (1/18/2015)
A Very Beringer Wine Dinner Saturday, February 7, 2015 at The Laguna Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali (1/18/2015)
Harley-Davidson Won’t Service Motorcycles Bought on the Black Market in Indonesia (1/18/2015)
Holland and Brazil Recall Their Ambassadors from Indonesia Following Execution of their Nationals Before an Indonesian Firing Squad (1/18/2015)
Handicapped in Bali Challenge Governor and Public Work Officials to Travel the Island in Wheelchairs. (1/18/2015)
Bali Police Renew Call for Better Behavior by Large Motorcycle Operators (1/18/2015)
Spanish Woman Found Dead in West Bali Villa from Suspected Drug Overdose (1/18/2015)
Eight Teenagers in North Bali Apprehended after Nude Motorcycle Tour Goes Badly Wrong (1/18/2015)
Center for Aviation Thinks Official Changes Underway in Aviation Misguided and Counter-Productive (1/18/2015)
Nusa Lembongan Mentioned as Growing Center for Illicit Narcotics Trade (1/17/2015)
Police Discover Another Wave of Illegal Chinese Workers at PLTU Celukan Bawang Project (1/16/2015)
Wife of Murdered Bali Expat Bob Ellis to Soon Stand Trial in Denpasar (1/16/2015)
Bali Economy to Grow by More than 6% in 2015 (1/16/2015)
Garuda Axes Direct Bali to Brisbane, Australia Flights (1/16/2015)
Garuda Commences Thrice Weekly Flights Between Beijing and Denpasar, Bali (1/16/2015)
Garuda Indonesia Makes a Quantum Leap in On-Line Digital Marketing (1/16/2015)
Tanah Lot Temple Wants to Increase Admission Charge by 400% (1/16/2015)
PHRI Calls for Government to Take Steps in the Face of Oversupply of Rooms in Bali, Jakarta and West Java (1/11/2015)
Tampaksiring Palace in Bali Being Sued for Unpaid Acquisition of Land in 1957 (1/11/2015)
84-Year-Old Indonesian Man Sentenced to 13 Years Prison for Smuggling Methamphetamines Through Bali's Airport (1/11/2015)
Bali Port of Benoa to Host 60 Cruise Ships in 2015 (1/11/2015)
Will Meyrick’s Hujan Locale Precipitates Good Eating Ahead for Ubud, Bali (1/11/2015)
Lithuania Tourist Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison in Bali for Drug Offense. (1/11/2015)
Indonesian Government Suspends 60 Domestic Flights for Bad Paperwork (1/11/2015)
Bali Lawmaker to Summon The Crystal on the Bay Hotel Project for its Illegal Occupation of Protected Mangrove Forest (1/11/2015)
Seminar Examines if the Cost of Religious Observances are a Major Burden on Bali’s Poor (1/11/2015)
Bali Governor Challenges Idyllic Depictions of Bali Amidst the Reality of Widespread Poverty and Ignorance (1/11/2015)
Indonesia in Need of Eye Donors for Corneal Transplants (1/11/2015)
Ketut Pujayasa - Balinese Crew on Holland American, Sentenced to More than 30 Years for Violent Sexual Assault on a Passenger (1/11/2015)
Four Seasons “Bali for Hope” Fun Run on Sunday, March 1, 2015 to Raise Funds for Cancer Care and Treatment in Bali (1/11/2015)
The Villas at AYANA Resort Reopened and Revitalized (1/11/2015)
Indonesian Minister of Transportation Taking Bold Steps to Enhance Aviation Safety, Even if it Means Fewer Flights (1/11/2015)
International Council on Educational for the Visually Impaired in Bali September 28 –October 1, 2015 (1/11/2015)
Bali Governor Sees Little Basis for and Minimum Effect from Latest Australian Travel Warnings (1/11/2015)
Dutch Visitors Collapses and Dies on Cycling Outing in Bali’s Hills (1/11/2015)
Without Explaining Why, Australia and U.S. Issue Travel Warning Reminders to their Countrymen (1/11/2015)
Much Needed New Prison to Open in Bangli, Bali in 2015 (1/11/2015)
Minister of Tourism Promise of Free Visas for Five New Countries Fails to Materialize on January 1, 2015 (1/11/2015)
Kiwi Man Facing Long Prison Term for Striking His Girlfriend in Bali (1/11/2015)
Workers Protest Unfair and Illegal Treatment at Sky Garden in Kuta (1/11/2015)
Insurers of Crashed AirAsia Indonesia QZ8501 Examining if Coverage Invalidated by Unauthorized Flight Operations (1/11/2015)
Admission Prices for Bali Museum Increased on January 1, 2015 (1/11/2015)
A Year-end Check of the Mail Bag Finds Letters on Kintamani, Bali Reclamation, Pelni Ships, Uncontrolled Tourism Growth and the Death or Ida Bagus Kompiang (1/5/2015)
Yonathan of Hotel Link Solutions-Indonesia Named Top Global Sales Person of 2014 (1/4/2015)
U.S Government Issues Warning for Americans Traveling or Living in Surabaya, East Java (1/4/2015)
While Premium Fuel Prices Decline, Gasoline Still Costs More in Bali than the Rest of Indonesia (1/4/2015)
Bali Allocates US$31.8 million to Provincial Medicare Scheme While Urging Public to Shift to National Program (1/4/2015)
Indonesia to Require Foreign Workers to Speak Indonesian (1/4/2015)
Klungkung Puputan Monument Under Renovation to Achieve a More Open Look (1/4/2015)
Iconic Titi Banda Monument Now Stands Guard at Eastern Entrance to Bali's Capital of Denpasar (1/4/2015)
Nine Treated in Denpasar, Bali for Firework Injuries During New Years Celebration (1/4/2015)
AirAsia Indonesia's Right to Fly Surabaya to Singapore Temporarily Suspended (1/4/2015)
Bali Chief of Police Cites Crime-Solving Ability of Bali Police as Linked to Declining Crime Rates (1/4/2015)
Governor Calls for Telephoning Motorists to Have their Gadgets Confiscated by Police (1/4/2015)
AirAsia Indonesia Flight Makes Emergency Weather Diversion to Bali (1/4/2015)
Bali Governor Welcomes 2015 in Quiet Reflection and Prayer (1/4/2015)
Bali Installs ATCS Traffic Surveillance at Key Intersections (1/4/2015)
Hotel and Restaurant Association Say Increasing Tourist Numbers to Bali are Not Improving Occupancy Levels at Locally-owned Non-Starred Accommodation Providers (1/4/2015)
President Orders Review of Aviation Safety in Indonesia Following Crash of QZ8501 (1/4/2015)
Wahli Calls for Protection of Environmental Activists in Indonesia (1/4/2015)
Transportation Minister Orders Overloaded Truck Be Refused Access to Bali (1/4/2015)
New Management Team at Garuda Restructures Route Network (1/4/2015)
Provincial Workers in Bali Government Granted Only a One-Day Holiday at Galungan (12/13/2014)
Bali Culinary Professionals Christmas Party on Saturday, December 20, 2014 (12/12/2014)
Bali Community Choir in Concert of Christmas Music on Friday, December 19, 2014 (12/12/2014)
Major Royal Cremation to Take Place in Ubud on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 (12/5/2014)
Enjoy a Traditional Megibung Christmas Feast at Bali Asli in Karangasem, East Bali on Christmas Day 2014 (12/5/2014)