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Ainít No Mountain to Keep You Away

Governor Urges World to Holiday in Bali Despite Raised Alert Levels for Mount Agung

(10/8/2017) Although the status of volcanic Mount Agung remains at the highest alert level of “IV” the overall situation in Bali remains safe for tourist visitors.

Because of the lack of risk posed by the volcano to visitors, Bali’s Governor Made Mangku during a meeting on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, with tourism stakeholders at the Provincial Tourism Office urged tourist not to be hesitant in visiting Bali

As reported by, Governor Pastika stated that even if Mt. Agung erupts, only 28 villages within the 12-kilometer radius surrounding the mountain would suffer directly, explaining that all these villages have now been evacuated to prevent the loss of human life. Meanwhile, the main tourist areas such as Nusa Dua, Kuta, and Sanur together with the other major tourist enclaves are far moved from any threat from an eruption.

Referring to the Karangasem Regency that is home to Mt. Agung, the Governor said: “In the Regency of Karangasem there are 78 villages with only 28 actually located in areas at risk from the volcano, with the remaining 50 villages safe. This is like other places in Bali that also remain safe. So don't be reluctant to take a holiday in Bali, except when tourists want to climb Mount Agung, which I have forbidden because of the danger involved.”

The Governor bemoaned the hoax news and exaggerations in some sections of the national and international press that have misrepresented the situation in Bali. Pastika explained that the current situation is substantially different from the 1963 eruption that resulted in a large loss of human life. Predictive capabilities, mitigation measures, the government’s response and communication now guarantee that no lives will be lost if people avoid the narrow area designated as dangerous.

“I want to emphasize that Bali remains in a good condition and there is no need to worry. If Mount Agung erupts everything is in a state of readiness,” said Pastika on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.

The Governor called on workers in the tourism sector to work through travel agents and foreign consulates in Bali to clarify and set right the hoax news now in circulation about Mt. Agung.

The Governor later met with the foreign consulates operating in Bali to help set the record straight and underline that Bali remains safe for a holiday visit to their home country constituencies. He said he hopes countries that have issued travel warnings in connection with Mt. Agung would consider removing such warnings as Bali remains safe for tourist visitors.