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Agung Producing Clouds of Steam

White Smoke Reaching 1,500 Meters Seen at Mount Agung on October 7, 2017

(10/8/2017) On Saturday, October 7, 2017, volcanic Mount Agung was producing white smoke reaching a height of 1,500 meters above the mountain’s top. quoted Devy Kamil, the head of the Directorate for Observation and Mitigation for the Eastern Region of the Center for Volcanoes and Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG) who said on October 7th, “Observing (the mountain) since 8:30 pm the smoke had reached a height of 1,500 meters

Devy said the color of the smoke was white and not black, signifying that the smoke was composed mostly of water. The PVMBG officials emphasized that Mount Agung has yet to actually erupt.

Devy said the white smoke signified that activity within the 3,142-meter high mountain was increasing and heating the water contained in the mountain’s interior resulting in steam and water vapor. Devy added: “The heat is increasing.The energy (within the mountain) is still high and continues to exert pressure. Magmatic gas continues to be on the move.”

Devy told the press that PVMBG remains unable to confirm if and when an actual eruption will occur. At the same time, the probability of an eruption is greater than the probability that the mountain will return to an inactive state without an eruption.

Devy explained that if an eruption does take place, it will most probably with a small eruption as a prelude to a larger eruption. “The size of any possible eruption cannot be firmly predicted. The date and time of an eruption can also not be predicted. Nonetheless, the PVMBG will continue to issues warnings at the earliest opportunity if the volcanic activity on Mount Agung significantly increases or signs of an imminent eruption are observed,” Devy promised.

Devy said the public and tourists could carry out normal activities outside the “danger zone” designated by the PVMBG. He said Bali remains safe for tourist visits. But no one should enter the “danger zone” that falls within a 12-kilometer radius of Mt. Agung’s peak.