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Appealing Unappealing Behavior

Teen-Age Son of Bali Lawmaker Appealing 4-year Prison Sentence in Murder of Army Cadet

(10/8/2017) The 16-year-old son of the member of Bali’s House of Representatives, identified as DKDA, found guilty of killing Prada Yanuary Setiawan, a 20-year-old army cadet on Sunday, July 9, 2017, is appealing the 4-year-prison sentence handed down by the Denpasar District Court in late August

Following the sentence handed down by the court, State Prosecutors decided not to appeal the 4-year-sentence now being appealed, instead, by lawyers representing the 16-year-old.

Because of the appeal being lodged by lawyers representing the son of legislator Dewa Nyoman Rai, State Prosecutors must defend their case under law as part of the legal process during appeal proceedings.

Indonesian legal practice allows the appeal court to reject the verdict and sentence handed down in the original trial, reduce the penalty imposed in the first trial, or even increase the penalty handed down in the homicide.

Four accomplices in the street side killing of Setiawan have received prison sentences ranging from 9 months to 3.5 years

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