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A Mountain of Trouble

Governor Concerned for Baliís Welfare if Mount Agung Crisis is Prolonged

(12/3/2017) reports the continuing eruption of the Mount Agung volcano, the temporary closing of Bali’s Airport and the resulting downturn in tourist arrivals have become a major concern of Bali’s Governor Made Mangku Pastika.

The Governor stated his concerns during a visit to a volcanic observation post in Rendang, Karangasem on Monday November 27, 2017.

“There is no need at this point to worry about funds and logistics (for the evacuees); we need to worry about the continuing effect (of the volcano) on the lives of the people and Bali tourism. If logistics and money we have enough to meet the needs of the evacuees with the Central Government ready to assist,” explained Pastika.

The Governor also urged members of the media to not exaggerate the continuing situation of from Mount Agung, avoiding giving a  overly negative impression for tourists visiting Bali.

The Governor said: “The current situation can go on for one month with a long term impact (on Bali). We don't know when the situation will return to normal.”