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A Breakfast Like No Other

Ritz-Carlton, Bali Offers “Breakfast in Beach” at the Sunrise Gazebo Breakast

(2/11/2018) The Ritz-Carlton Bali believes that a perfect day in paradise starts with an inspiring sunrise enjoyed with your significant other on the secluded white sandy beach on their beachfront. Sitting together with your toes smothered in the powdery sand or dipping your feet in the warm seawater during a beach stroll can whet your appetite for romance, life and the sumptuous breakfast to follow. 

Lazing in an idyllic traditional beach gazebo, enjoy the best meal of the day, lovingly prepared by talented chefs. Breakfast starts with freshly squeezed fruit juice and a mountainous serving of fresh strawberries drizzled with Island honey and homemade yoghurt. Follow this with scrambled eggs accompanied by smoked salmon and a toasted bagel, and an indulgent basket of freshly baked pastries. Throughout this breakfast like no other, a selection of the finest tea and coffee is in continuous flow. 
“Witness the sun rising slowly over the Indian Ocean and the sparkling water as the light falls on the waves giving natural rhythm to your soul. Our Sunrise Gazebo Breakfast is truly a magnificent way to start your day,” says the resort’s general manager, Karim Tayach. 
Breakfast starts at Rp. 300,000 plus 21% tax and service per person, the Sunrise Gazebo Breakfast is available from 6:00 am to 7:00 am with one day advance reservation required.