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Leaving a Bitter Taste in Everyone’s Mouth

Badung Regency Plans Crack Down on Taxes paid by Hotels Processing Salt Water into Fresh Water

(2/11/2018) The head of revenues for the Regency of Badung, Made Sutama, conducted a surprise inspection on the use of well water by hotels and companies located within the State-operated Indonesian Tourism Development Complex (ITDC) at Nusa Dua on Thursday, September 8, 2018.

NusaBali reports that during the surprise inspection, the Technical Director the State Water Board (PDAM Tirta Mangutama Badung), Wayan Suyasa, admitted that most of the hotels in the ITDC Complex are not using water supplied by PDAM. The surprise inspection showed that most hotels had switched to a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) based system supplied by outside contractors. 
Suyasa complained that most of the hotels using SWRO systems – some 14 hotels are not paying the required tax to the Regency for tapping into a sea water system. Adding, “SWRO equipment is being used for converting sea water into potable water. According to the hotels, the quality of water produced by the SWRO systems is of an higher quality than water taken from deep wells. Only a few hotels are using well water in combination with supplies from PDAM.” 
Suyasa admitted also that the number of hotels using SWRO is likely to increase, with many hotels using SWRO systems not yet recorded by water officials. He said SWRO users will be called to the Regency to seek input on the use of SWRO. In the future, Suyasa said, the SWRO systems will be required to install water meters in order that the hotels can be taxed on their water consumption.
The Regency’s tax target for water use in 2017 was Rp. 67.9 billion, only Rp. 61.8 billion of which was achieved. For 2018 the tax target has been raised to Rp. 88.4 billion, an increase of Rp. 20.4 billion from 2017.
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