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A Loss of Balance

English Tourist Claims his Bank Card Skimmed of Rp. 420 million after Bali Holiday

(2/11/2018) reports that a U.K. national reports that his bankcard was unexplainably emptied GBP 24,391.41 (pound sterling) or around Rp. 420 million after a Bali holiday.

Shane Sargeant arrived in Bali on a holiday on November 22, 2017 staying at a villa in Ubud. The missing funds from his bankcard were only discovered when, continuing on his journey, Sargeant was told there were insufficient funds remaining on his debit card to pay an online bill in India.

The Englishman told on January 11, 2018. “I became suspicious after withdrawing funds from (an ATM) at a Cocomart in Ubud. But because there was no report from the bank, I wasn’t diligent in checking my account, ignoring my initial suspicions.”
The loss of funds was only noticed when the man tried to make an online payment in India on Friday, January 26, 2018, that was denied due to a lack of funds. Sargeant contacted his bank for a recapitulation of his transactions and discovered 174 separate illegal withdrawals had taken place between December 15 2017 and January 22, 2018. 
The man said he hopes his bank will replace his financial losses 
Because he had already departed Indonesia, Sargeant asked an associate in Bali to contact the police on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. has tried without success to obtain comment on the case from the Special Crime Division of the Bali Police.