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3-Month Sticker Visas for Vehicles Visiting Bali

Bali Government Seeking to set 3-month Limit on the Amount of Time Cars Registered Outside Bali can Spend in the Province
Jawa Pos reports that the Bali Transportation Agency is preparing to begin a “sticker system” for motor vehicles operating on the Island with license plates originating from areas outside the Province.

The move is intended to increase road tax revenues in Bali by forcing vehicles more-or-less permanently domiciled on the island to be registered with provincial authorities and displaying local license plates.

The head of the Transportation Service, IGA Sudarsana, said the new “sticker system” is being introduced following the revocation of Provincial Regulations Number 8 of 2000 that limits the importation of older, used cars into Bali.

“We are currently discussing the use of vehicle stickers on non-Bali vehicles with the Law Bureau of the Province,” said Sudarsana. The initial plans are to apply dated stickers on vehicles traveling into Bali via the Gilimanuk Sea Port.

Weekly roadside traffic checks will also be used to identify cars with non-Bali license plates that will be given stickers requiring the vehicle be converted to Bali plates or removed from the province within 3 month's time.

Cars from outside Bali overstaying the three-month limitation will be ticketed and heavily fined.

Sudarsana said he could not confirm when the sticker system would begin to come into effect, saying the matter was in the hands of the Provincial Law Bureau.

In 2017, a total of 6,159 motor vehicles were converted to Bali Provincial certification. Meanwhile, police estimate there are more than 1,000 vehicles in Bali operating on a more or less permanent basis with non-Bali license plates.

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