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A Bell That Fails to Ring True

Australian Woman Caught Telling a Tale of a Faked Robbery in Bali to Defraud her Insurers.

RadarBali reports that an Australian woman from Byron Bay, Emma Bell, has reportedly been caught attempting to defraud her insurers – all done at tremendous damage to the reputation of Bali.

Social media in Bali was picked up by the mainstream press in Australia relating a shocking story of how Bell had been viciously dragged and brutalized in a purse snatching incident in Canggu, Bali, resulting in head injuries and a very badly scarred face. As related in local social media reports, the woman, who had been “living the life” by working as a hairdresser in Bali, was hospitalized in Bali where she was "fighting for her life" with medical bills mounting at a rate of US$2,000 a day.

Another woman, Emi Thompson, identified as a friend of Bell, organized a GoFundMe Page that by Tuesday, December 10, 2019, had already raised $16,791.

When Police from Bali’s Criminal Investigation Division were dispatched to investigate the case and bring the purse snatcher to justice they were initially surprised that no formal police complaint had been filed by Bell or her associates at the time of the purported purse snatching. Undeterred, police then visited Emma Bell's local address of “Villa Rose” located on Jalan Bumbak, Gang Pulau Karimata in Canggu, North Bali. At that location, police were able to interview a male friend of the injured woman, Ian Bryden, who told a story to police that was very much at odds with that being shared on social media and with the Australian press.

According to Police, Bell’s tale of woe and larceny appear to be a complete work of fiction designed to support a bogus insurance claim. Apparently, Emma Bell’s injuries were the result of an uninsured motorcycle mishap and, according to Bryden, she had suffered no personal property loss due to theft in connection with her injuries.

Andi Fairan, head of the Criminal Division for the Provincial Police, spoke on Tuesday, December 10, 2019, and said his officers were prevented from interviewing Bell who had already left Bali earlier on Saturday, December 7th and was in Perth where she is receiving medical care.

Police also have an interest in meeting Emi Thompson who appears to have played a major role in the deception and who organized a fraudulent GoFundMe Campaign on Bell’s behalf.

With information now suggesting Emma Bell may be involved in criminal insurance fraud and Internet Fraud, it is unclear what legal consequences await the woman once she recovers from her injuries.

If her recovery plans include a return to Indonesia, she may still need to explain her actions to Police in Bali and to local residents eager to see how she plans to make amends for defaming the Island of Bali.

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