A Brat at His Very Worst

Horrendous Parenting Permits 13-year Spoiled Juvenile to Run Riot on Bali Streets

A 13-year-old boy living in Bali with his Indonesian mother and expatriate UK father has manage to make his family the object of a public campaign of criticism, disdain, and disgust after posting online video of himself weaving in and out of traffic in Denpasar,  slugging rear view mirrors as he went. A living testimony to bad parenting, some versions of the video show the boy making obscene hand gestures and yelling obscene expletives to passing motorists or anyone else who tried to “curb” his bad behavior.

Arrogant and oozing with a sense of self-righteous entitlement, one segment of the viral video actually showed the 13-year-old threatening to report to the police a local man who pulled up next to the pubescent outlaw and challenged his outlandish behavior. Shouting obscenities, the youngster seemed oblivious to the fact that he was recording on his helm-mounted camera the commission of his own crime in a country where the minimum age for operating a motor vehicle is 17 years.


The roughly-edited video (now removed from the boy’s Youtube.com channel) show him vandalizing rear-view mirrors and a segment where an angry motorist managed to topple the boy off his bike at a stop light. The remnants of the boy’s Youtube.com channel include a commercial e-mail contact suggesting the boy may have been attempting to monetize his online antics by creating outlandish videos that would go viral.

While the boy’s name has not been released by police, he has been identified as a Eurasian 13-year old of mixed Javanese-U.K parentage attending the 8th grade of the Taman Mahatma Gandhi (Cambridge International Foundation) School in Denpasar. Police, responding to the strong criticism on social media, including some threats against the boy and his family, quickly traced the boy and seized his 150 cc motorcycle as evidence in the case. Meanwhile, concerned over the social media maelstrom and developing legal predicament created by their son, the boy’s parent hired a lawyer to bring their version of the incident to the police and present a formal apology to the public on Friday, February 1, 2019.

Police report that because of the boy’s age the focus will be on reforming the child instead of submitting him to the care of the criminal justice system. Police say they are coordinating with the boy’s family and school to modify the boy’s criminal delinquency. While no motorist have filed formal complaints for damaged property, the family has offered to via their lawyer to repair any damaged rearview mirrors.

Despite the removal of the damning video from the Internet by the family, it remains widely available on social media, including Youtube.com. The family via their lawyer has asked that the video be removed to mitigate the ongoing scathing criticism being targeted at the boy and his family.

The young man’s now vacant Youtube channel boasts that he was uploading new videos on an almost daily basis of his driving exploits. This and the supply of two motorcycles used by the boy, suggests that the parents were most certainly aware and even condoned their son’s criminality of driving recklessly and without a license on Bali’s streets. In any case, the parent’s have belatedly announced they will no longer allow their Son to illegally operate a motorcycle in Bali.

Macantua.com reports that the boy was driving a Honda CBR150R with police plates DK 2065 FAA.   

Certain observers are viewing the entire incidents is a prima facie case of child neglect and poor parenting, suggesting the boy would benefit from being placed in foster care or underr government supervision for the immediate future.

It is unclear what, if any, judicial action will be initiated by police or state prosecutors in the case

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