A Conditional Welcome

Bali Immigration Annually Deports 270 and Refuses Entry to 900 Each Year

With increasing calls for immigration officials in Bali to take firmer action against foreigners working in Bali without the required working permit, detik.com reports that, in fact, Bali’s border security officials deport an average 270 people each year.

“We have deported around 270 people each year. But the enforcement of the law does not require we make a big expose, (preferring) instead to safeguard a conducive tourism atmosphere,” said the Chief of Immigration for Bali, Agato PP Simamora, speaking on Thursday, October 1, 2018.

Agato admitted that immigration is selective and carefully monitors tourist visitors.

Adding: “Refusals (of entry) continue. There are already 900 people through this month (October) that we have denied entry at the airport. With the visa free facility if we see they have no funds and they are unable to describe the purpose of their travel, they are sent back. There is no need to announce these rejections on a daily basis. But there have been 900 so far this year,” said Agato.

Agato insisted that lack of daily news of refusals and deportations does not mean that immigration is not meeting its responsibility to guard the nation’s gateways and enforce laws and regulations governing foreign visitors.

Included among those refused entry or departed, said Agato, are Chinese nationals found to be working illegally in Bali.