A Failure to Come to Terms

Plans to Widen Northbound Lane of Jalan Ngurah Rai Bypass at Jimbaran Intersection Postponed Indefinitely

Plans to expan the northbound lane at the Jalan Bypass Ngrah Rai at the Jimbaran intersectionwill be delayed for at least one year due to the inability to resolve land acquisition disputes with roadside stakeholders.

As reported by Balipost.com, the widening of the road at the busy intersection was originally planned to take place in tandem with the construction of the new underpass at the entrance to Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport that is scheduled to open in Septmber 2018 in anticipation of the IMF-World Bank Conference in October.

When local land owners in Jimbaran refused the compensation, price offered for their land needed to widen the road, the project has stalled until further notice.

The project managers offered the maximum permissible price of Rp. 10 million per square meter or Rp. 1 billion per are (100 square meters). The land owners, however, demanded a price twice that amount.

Because no price agreement was achieved, government spending rules required that the money allocaterd for land acquisition be returned to the State Treasury for possible inclusion in a coming annual budget.

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