A Minor Intoxication

12-Year-old Suffers Allergic Reaction to Alcoholic Drink on Brisbane to Bali Flight. Grandmother Hires Lawyers to Sue Jetstar
Travel.detik.com and The Courier Mail report how a 12-year-old boy on a Jetstar flight from Brisbane to Bali suffered a severe allergic reaction after accidentally drinking gin.

The allergic reaction happened after the boy, who was traveling with his grandmother, inadvertently drank a fruit squash laced with gin.

As reported on Wednesday, May 30, 2018, Debra Pettigrove, who is seeking damages from Jetstar blamed the airline with serving the boy a double gin and squash. The boy, who is allergic to certain plants, according to Pettigrove, began to experience watery eyes, sneezing and a headache after taking the drink.

The Airline claims that the boy’s drink may have been accidentally switched with an adult beverage due to the use of identical glass types.

The Grandmother is demanding that the Airline refund the full cost of the trip or supply a trip somewhere as compensation for the “horrific experience.” The Airline, in response, has offered a value-voucher worth US$400 to Pettigrove.

The incident reportedly occurred six months ago, at the end of 2017.

Jetstar said there was no report of physical ailments or discomfort from the boy or his grandmother during the actual flight, claiming they were surprised when contacedt some time later by Ms. Pettigrove and her representatives, Shine Lawyers. Shine lawyers advertises itself a “no win no fee” litigator.

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