A Model of Poor Behavior

Australian Model Catherine Anne Hogg Held for 5 Day in Bali for Stealing Expensive Jewelry. Released after Signed Admission Crime and Paying Twice the Value of Stolen Earrings.

An Australian woman staying in Kuta has been apprehended for stealing a valuable piece of jewelry from the Farah Khan Store in Seminyak Village on Sunday, February 3, 2018 at 1:10 pm.

Nusa Bali reports that Catherine Anne Hogg (28) of East Melbourne, Australia who lists her profession as a "model," had asked a store clerk to be allowed to try on a pair of Swarovski Crystal Earring at the Farah Khan Shop in Seminyak. While admiring the earrings in a mirror, Hogg stepped out of the shop ostensibly to answer a phone call only to fail to return with the earrings.

Depending on the media, Hoggs has been described as a professional model, porn star or professional escort.

The earrings were priced at Rp. 5.5 million. A theft in this amount from a store is punishable by up to 5 years in jail.

The shops staff raised the alarm and an area search commenced for the woman. Kuta Police officials were also immediately advised by an employee of the shop. Police reviewed the CCTV film from the store and found Christine Anne Hogg a short time later and then placed her in a holding cell at the police precinct.

Ms. Hogg then hired a local lawyer who issued a statements that his client simply forgot she had the earrings on when she left the store.

In a subsequent report, the Courier Mail in North Queensland reports that after spending 5-days behind bars in Bali, Catherine Hogg signed a “peace agreement” with the store’s owner in which she confessed to the theft; paid twice the value if the earrings (2 x $550); and pledged to never again repeat her crime. Agreement and payment in hand, the case was then closed with Bali Police.