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A Rose is a Rose Except when it’s a Mawar

President Decrees the Use of Indonesian Language in Branding Products and Services

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has issued a decree (Perpres Nomor 63 Tahun 2019) requiring the use of the Indonesian language for naming products and services in Indonesia.

As reported by CNN Indonesia, the decree signed on September 30, 2019, requires the use of the Indonesian language on goods made by Indonesian legal entities.

The requirement does not apply for trademarks and branding originating from a foreign licensee.

In addition to requiring branding of products using the Indonesian language, services offered in Indonesia must also be branded with the Indonesian language. Moreover, Indonesian must also be used in printed specifications, materials listings, instructions, assembly guides, user manuals, possible side effects, measurements, date of manufacture, and date of expiration.

Buildings must also be labeled with Indonesian names - a requirement that will include apartments, complexes, office buildings, and shopping centers -whether these structures are owned by foreign or Indonesian entities. This will include hotels, accommodation addresses, airports, seaports, terminals, stations, factories, monuments, dams, tunnels, workplaces, meeting facilities, entertainment centers, concert areas, and housing estates.

Exceptions will be granted to the naming rule for buildings deemed to have historical value, cultural legacies, or compelling religious histories.

In setting out the new rules, the President has not stipulated penalties for those who fail to follow the language imperative.

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