A Sporting Chance

Bali Hopes to Win Bid to Host 2024 National Sports Games (PON-XX1)
The Province of Bali is confident that its bid to secure hosting rights for the 21st National Sports Festival (PON XXI) in 2024 will be successful.

The results of the bidding process will be announced on April 24, 2018, in Jakarta.

Beritabali.com reports that an update on the bidding process was delivered to Bali’s Governor by the chairman of the National Sports Committee (KONI), Ketut Surandi, in a meeting at the Governor’s office on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

Surandi told the Governor of the various steps that have been undertaken to win PON XXI for Bali that include gathering details on sporting infrastructure, transportation and accommodation. Votes of supports for Bali’s sponsorship have also been solicited from other provinces across the Nation. Bali currently has some 130,313-hotel rooms, including starred hotels and home stays, to host athletes and officials and complement the natural beauty and culture of the Island.

“We want to become the host not because we have projects, but because we have a vision on how, through sports and PON XXI Bali, we can create a useful infrastructure. First, as a means to improve our presentation and, then, for the subsequent development of sports tourism in general to make a contribution in efforts to improve public welfare,” said Surandi.

The KONI-Bali chairman also emphasized that should the 21st PON take place in Bali, the games would be marked by “fair play” ensuring nothing happens to detract from a reputations for fair play, sportsmanship and honesty.

The Governor said he hoped that if Bali wins the hosting bid for the 2024 games this will stimulate the renovation of stadiums to an international standard and cement the Island’s reputation as a global sports tourism destination.

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