A Tale of Eve and a Snake

Australian Tourist in Bali Takes a Nap with an 89 kilogram Python

Her name really was “Eve” – or at least “Eva” and she did develop a very close “working” relationship with an enormous snake.

And, should you ask, were not sure if she's married or if her husband’s name is "Adam."

In any case, Nusa Bali reports that during a visit to the popular tourist attraction of the Tanah Lot Temple in West Bali on Thursday, February 7, 2019, an Australian woman, Eva, paid for the privilege of having her picture taken with “Suadi” - a tame python paraded by vendors for photos sold to Tanah Lot visitors.

To obtain the “perfect shot” Eva laid down with the massive 80-kilogram snake. Perhaps a matter of recovering from the night before, Eva promptly fell asleep next to the snake to the amusement of her accompanying family members and other tourist visiting the location.

An executive in charge of the Tanah Lot Complex, I Nyoman Subagia, confirmed that the sleeping Eva reclining with Suadi became something of a sudden hit with visitors as she cuddled and slept peacefully with the large reptile.

Meanwhile, Suadi the snake apparently found comfort coiling around the Australian woman’s leg and across her abdomen. Domestic tourists were amazed by the sight and the Australian’s family assurances that Eva was actually very fond of wild animals. However, eager to visit other attractions in the area, Eva’s family awoke her and told her it was time to say good-bye to Suadi and continue their tour.