A Very Smooth Operator

Bali’s Mandara Hospital Provides Beauty and Sophisticated Atmospheric Controls in its State-of-the-Art Operating Theatres

Beritabali.com reports that the management of the Bali Mandara Hospital in Sanur, Bali has introduce a unique and innovative approach to surgery by decorating its surgical theatres to resemble outside scenes in nature.

In an effort to create an atmosphere of reduced stress and calm, each operating room at the hospital now has cleanable Glasswalls resembling tropical beach scenes or natural jungle setting.

The CEO of the Bali Mandara Hospital, Dr. Bagus Dharmayasa, said, “We have created a modular concept. This is the first time that a hospital in Indonesia has used Glasswall with natural scenes of mountains and beaches.”  Dharmayasa said he hoped the scenes would reduce the tension and fear often felt in a conventional operating room setting.

The Head Physician at the hospital emphasized that not only has the visual atmosphere of the operating theatres been enhanced, but, more importantly, the air quality of these theatres is guaranteed by dedicate Air Handling Units (AHU) that maintain positive air pressure at all times, preventing the intrusion of unhygenic air from external sources.

Sophisticated temperature and humidity control also ensure that the level of sterialization in the Hospital’s 5 operating rooms is always maintained.  The Hospital spent more than 10 billion Rupiahs to equip its modular operating rooms with the latest atmospheric controls.

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