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A World Grown Accustomed to Terror

Travel Cautions Having No Marked Impact on Indonesian Arrival Totals
It is feared that terrorist bombing attacks in Surabaya and Sidoardjo, East Java may have a deleterious effect on Indonesian tourism if the travel advisories issued by source countries for tourist visitors are markedly increased to actually dissuade travel to the Republic.

The Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, told detik.com that he had yet to detect any appreciable negative impact from the cautionary notes on Indonesian travel issued by some countries following the latest series of terrorist incidents in Indonesia.

Speaking from the State Palace in Jakarta on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Yahya said, “Statistically, there has been little impact from travel advisories, but that it remains the responsibility for every nation to remind their citizens to avoid certain areas (if they are considered dangerous).”

Arief said that the travel advisories issued by some countries have cautioned their citizens about visiting Surabaya and that such cautionary notices are very different from an outright “travel ban” applied to Indonesia as a whole. To date, no country has issued an outright travel ban for Indonesia.

The Minister took special pains to underline that Surabaya represented a limited area of the Country, far removed from popular tourist destinations such as Bali.

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