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After the Wave, Rebuilding Begins

Indonesia Prepares to Restore Tsunami-Stricken West Java Tourism Industry

Following the tsunami that struck the Sunda Straits Tourist areas of Anyer, Carita, Labuan, Tanjung Lesung. and Menes on December 22, 2018, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, has visited the affected areas where he presented three strategies for restoring the local tourism industry.

As reported by Kompas.com, the Minister announced that his strategy aims to restore the capabilities of local manpower and institutions, restore the destination itself, and promote the destinations to travelers. Speaking from the Relief Command Post in Labuan, West Java, Yahya explained his restoration strategy will be carried out during the 14 days following the declaration of the emergency. The first measure is to restore the performance of local manpower and local government agencies by alleviating the trauma resulting from the natural disaster. Trauma management treatment includes those working in the tourism sector, including hotel workers, member of the surrounding community, and the local tourism industry as a whole.

Yahya also said his Ministry will reach out to the relevant agencies to ask that electrical bills, water bills, and routine payments to financial institutions be treated with flexibility.

Using lessons learned in dealing with natural disasters that have affected Bali and Lombok in the recent past, Yahya said marketing strategies are being put in place to restore public confidence to take a holiday on the Sunda Straits, especially in Padeglang and Serang.

Yahya added: “The recovery must start as soon as possible. For Anyer and the surrounding areas I predict recovery will take place in one month. It’s the Government that must take the lead. When the Government arrives to help, the confidence of the public follows.”

The Minister of Tourism has said he will convene a post-tsunami coordination meeting for recovery in a hotel in the Anyer area in January to which other ministries and agencies will be invited. The Minister said the recovery program for the Sunda Straits will take three months.

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