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Press and Bali Judges Suggest Something Amiss in Criminal Trial of Russian ATM Skimmer

NusaBali has focused suspicions of malfeasance committed by State Prosecutors in the handling of the case of a Russian national (other media in Bali reporting claiming the man is a Bulgaria), Stefan Ivanov Klenovski (53), charge before the Courts in Bali Indonesia with robbery of ATM machines using skimming technology and the illegal possession of an airsoft gun.

During the trial of the Russian, the Public Prosecutor Agung Tedja surprisingly asked for an exceedingly light sentence of only 10 months imprisonment in a case that the newspaper and judges handling the case suggests was peculiar dating from formulation of the prosecutorial case against Klenovski.

It has been revealed that the Russian’s attorney, I Nyoman Dila, is the father of Dewi Agustin Adiputra, the Public Prosecutor originally handling the case. Adiputra has reportedly now resigned as the Public Prosecutor with the panel of judges handling the case demanding a copy of the Prosecutor’s letter of resignation.

The judges were reportedly shocked to learn that in a case involving thefts using 98 ATM cards and possession of an illegal firearm by a foreigner has resulted in a very limited application of the law, only charging the man with the Emergency Law of 1951 (Section 2, paragraph 1) and asking that he only be sentenced to 10 months jail less time served.

The Russian was arrested at the Laota Restaurant in Tuban in late July 2018, based on reports from Bank Mandiri of suspicious activities at one of their ATMs at the Pertamina Gas Station in Kerobokan. A search of the man’s accommodations yielded an airsoft gun stored in the seat of a motorcycle, a folding knife, and a number of counterfeit ATM cards.