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American Beaten Badly When Unable to Outrun a Bali Posse

American in Supposed Drunken Rampage Down Roads of Uluwatu, South Bali Hits at Least Two Motorcyclists and Others Injured Before Being Curbed by Angry Crowd

Beritabali.com and Balipost.com both report that Ryan Matthew (48) - an American from California is now in police custody after being responsible for what is being depicted as a drunken rampage behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Xpander down the roads of south Bali that injured at least 3 motorcyclists.

Suffering cuts and abrasion in two separate rear-end collisions were three passengers on the motorcycles: Ketut Margiana (26), Kadek Parwata (46) and Putu Dian Pranata (47). Fortunately, their wounds were superficial, allowing all three to be and released from a local medical facility.

Other unconfirmed reports in local media alleged the man struck and injured as many as 7 to 22 motorists and pedestrians.

The hit-and-run accidents were viewed by a large number of bystanders and precipitated a chase by a large group of local citizens hurling rocks and other debris at the car in order to bring the vehicle to a halt. The chase and the capture now feature prominently on social media.


A spokesman for the Denpasar Police, Iptu Andi Muhammad Yaqin, said that Matthew struck the backs of two motorcycles while traveling from north to south at 11:30 pm on Wednesday, January 8, 2019, on Jalan Raya Uluwatu. The first accident occurred in front of a BCA ATM and the second in front of the Subakti Ungasan Kuta Cooperative - 3 kilometers beyond the first accident.

Undeterred and possibly in fear of a following angry crowd, Mathew continued to drive on before eventually being forced to stop some distance further away at the entrance to Bali Pecatu Graha (BPG) where a large angry crowd in hot pursuit set upon and angrily beat the American.

Police arrived on the scene and took Matthews into custody, preventing the angry crowd from inflicting mortal damage on the American.

Matthew is being held in protective custody at the traffic center of the Denpasar Police where he is undergoing interrogation. Pictures of the shirtless American showed a man being rescued by police badly bruised and beaten, bleeding from a number of head wounds.

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