An Airport Blessed by God

Religious Rituals for Bali Airport’s New Buildings, Aprons, and Parking Garage Completed in Time for IMF-World Bank Conference

Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport has held a “melaspas” ceremony on Friday, September 28, 2018 - a ritual to cleanse and purify new building structrues and apron areas.

As reported by, the ceremonies were dedicated to ensure the safe opening and smooth operations of a new western and eastern apron, a new sewage treatment plant, a VVIP reception building, an Air Force base of operations, an aircraft maintenance line, and a multi-level parking facility.

The general manager of Bali’s Airport, Yanus Suprayogi, explained the establishment of the new buildings and apron facilities dates from construction commencement in January 2018 and were rushed to completion by September 2018 in time for the October IMF-World Bank Conference.

The melaspas ceremony is a common event in Bali and is used to seek the Almighty’s blessing on new or rebuilt structures and ensure future “problem-free” operations. The melaspas ceremony is the last in series of religious rituals connected with new construction at the airport that have included a Prayascita and Byakala Ceremonies to clear the mind and secure a proper perception, a Durmangala Ceremony to rid the undertaking of any evil portents, and a mecaru ceremony to seek balance between any project and the natural environment.

Now that the religious rituals and requirements have been addressed, officials at the airport will soon undertake an official inauguration to permit full use of the new buildings and structures in time for the IMF-World Bank Conference October 12-14, 2018.