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An Iron Fist Response to Terror

Indonesian President Give His Blessing to a Joint Military Command to Battle Terror
Following terror incidents in Depok, Surabaya and Sidoarjo, Hadi Purnomo, the Police Commissioner of the Provincial Police in Bali, has issued orders for police to shoot on sight any terrorist who trespasses Balinese territory. Adding: “So far, Bali remains safe. Although, in the event of any terrorist attack, I have ordered Bali’s police officers to shoot those terrorists on sight.”

Hadi said the shoot on sight policy represents a consensus among police leadership nationwide.

In keeping with the policy to deal summarily with terrorists, Hadi Purnomo has also ordered police officers in Bali to be armed with loaded rifles or sidearms, and to wear bullet-proof vests when standing guard at police stations.

He has also directed police on patrol after dark in Bali to concentrate their attentions on popular nightspots in Kuta, Denpasar, and Sanur to prevent possible terrorist incursions. Police have also instructed nightspots to close at 1:00 am.

Meanwhile, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has given his blessing on the establishment of a special joint command (Koopssusgab) involving members of the various branches Armed Forces to battle terrorism. The Koospssusgab will be under the command of Chief of the National Military Command.

As part of the national security crackdown, the Chief of Staff at the Presidential Palace, General (Ret.) Moeldoko, announced on Wednesday, May 16, 2018: “The Command of the Special Armed Forces Combined Operation (Koospssusgab) has received the blessing of the President and formalized by the High Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces.”

Moeldoko explained that the formation of the Koospssusgab did not need to wait for the long-awaited passage of the new law on terrorism. The special command represents the initiative of the Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces, Hadi Tjahjanto. Adding: “There’s no need (to await the new anti-terror law). This command is now in readiness. This command is under the Head of the Indonesian Military. This is wholly the initiative of the Chief Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces. Within the command will be selected members of the Army, Navy and Air Force.”

Moeldoko called on the public to remain calms and that the armed forces were prepared to deal with any threat to national security.

Meanwhile, the U.K., USA, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, Ireland, Canada, France, the Philippines, Switzerland and Brazil have issued travel cautions urging their citizens traveling to Indonesia to remain on the alert.

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