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New Rubbish Dumps to Be Opened in Mengwi and Canggu Areas of South Bali

Nusa Bali reports that in order to handle the enormous amounts of rubbish that is overwhelming the TPA Suwung Site adjacent to the Port of Benoa, the Regency of Badung is preparing a 3-hectare site adjacent to the Mengwi Transportation Terminal. In the near future, the Regency says an additional TPA (rubbish tip) will be built in Canggu, North Kuta.

The Head of the Environmental and Hygiene Service (LHK) for Badung Regency, I Putu Eka Merthawan, said that based on a joint agreement, the massive TPA Suwung will no longer receive rubbish after November 29, 2019. “Badung has committed that effective November 29, 2019, trash will no longer be accepted at TPA Suwung. Beginning November 30th Badung Regency will independently manage its rubbish,” said Eka Merthawan on Wednesday, November 27, 2019.

Merthawan told the press that the Regency of Badung Administration and members of the community have mobilized in creating an Integrated Waste Management System (TPST) in every community while simultaneously establishing Independent Trash Banks (Bank Sampah Mandiri - BSM) that will separate categories of trash as the first step to recycling.

A Waste Residue Management Sites will be set up near the Mengwi Terminal that will focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling waste.

Merthawan confirmed that the Regency of Bandung would contract the management, operation, and maintenance of waste management systems to third parties while local government units will have the responsibility of licensing, controlling the volume of trash in accordance with pre-agreed limits, and providing secure walled areas for rubbish collection.

Current plans are to use incinerators powered by wood chips, a method seen to be more environmentally friendly. “Each day there will be around 300 tons of rubbish that will be transported by LHK Badung for processing at the new handling site,” said Merthawan.

Eka Merthawan estimates that the cost of the new processing center will be Rp. 9 billion for its first year of operations.

Meanwhile, a plan has been put forth to build a Rubbish Tip (TPA) in the Village of Canggu. The large-scale operation that will be named the Badung Recycling Park (BRP) will cover a 2.8-hectare site. The Regency of Badung will pay the Village of Canggu Rp. 2.5 billion for the site.

The Canggu complex will also include a fire station, a technical center (UPT) for the management of waste in North Kuta, and a garden area.

While the new TPA Canggu is still only a proposal, Merthawan claims it is already in a stage of advance planning. These preparations include coordination with the Provincial Administration of Bali who owns the site. The LHK Chief said plans are to begin building the TPA Canggu in 2020 in order to meet plans to make Bali self-sufficient in how it handles trash before 2021.

The local chief of the Public Works and Public Housing Department (PUPR) for Badung, IB Surya Suamba, said the incinerator using wood chips at the site near the Mengwi Terminal will have a capacity to handle 5 tons per hour. Other forms of rubbish that can be composted or recycle will be separated out of the incineration process.

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