Bali is Booming

Bali Foreign Tourist Arrivals Grow 5.68% in First Nine Months of 2018

Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport recorded 4.6 million foreign tourists entering the Island via its sole airport between January – September 2018. quoted the general manager of the Bali Airport Authority, Yanus Suprayogi, explaining that this year’s figure represents a 5.68% increase over the 251,639 foreign tourists who visited the Island during the same period in 2018. Mainland Chinese tourists continue to dominate foreign visitor coming to Bali, totaling 129,279 PRC citizens coming to Bali in September alone and 1,101,721 Chinese tourists for the period January – September 2018.

Chinese tourists represents a 23.54% market share of all foreign visitors to the Island of Bali. Counting the first 9 months of 2018, the second largest inbound overseas markets were Australia (884,062) and India (268,112).

Year-on-year most of 10 major contributors of foreign tourist visitors to Bali increased during the January-September period for 2018. For the month of September alone foreign tourist arrivals increased by 52,243 tourists – a total that was 9.58% more than September 2017.

Only South Korea, Japan and India experience a slight month-on-month decrease in September 2018. Meanwhile, Malaysia tourist arrivals increased a remarkable 22.78% or 3,461 tourist in September when compared to the same month one year before.

Month-on-month, U.S. and Australian tourist visitors coming to Bali in September increased 18.11% (3,030) and 9.61% (9,983), respectively.