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Bali Jails Brimming with Skimming Bulgarians

Another Bulgarian ATM Skimmer Caught in the Act by Bali Police

The Criminal Division of the Bali Police have arrested another Bulgarian National, Kradimir Stoykov, on Tuesday, July 9, 2019. Stoykov was taken into custody at 6:00 am after being caught on a hidden CCTV camera moments before skimming an ATM machine at Bank Mandiri located at the Bali Deli on Jalan Kunti in Seminyak.

NusaBali quotes the Andi Fairan of the Bali Police Headquarters who said on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 that Stoykov was apprehended based on information provided by Bank Mandiri who detected unusual activity at the subject ATM and the installation of a flash disk and a hidden camera by a third party. The ATM was immediately placed under surveillance by Bali police and a team from Bank Mandiri.

At 5:47 am Stoykov was seen driving to the ATM. He was then observed to be opening the hidden camera he is suspected to have installed earlier at the location.

The Bulgarian was immediately placed under arrest and admitted his crime a short time later.

At the time of his arrest Stoykov had Rp. 2,990,000 in cash, a concealment camera, an international discount card, tape, and scissors. 

Stoykov is the latest in a long list of Bulgarian arrested in Bali involved in skimming ATM machines for private data to be used to steal money from bank customers. Police believe Stoykov is part of an international syndicate operating throughout Indonesia and the region.

Police estimate there are some 20 foreign nationals being held behind bars in Bali for skimming ATM Machines. Of this total, 15 are Bulgarians.

(Image: Radar Bali)

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