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Bali Police Count: 1 Russian Shot Dead, 3 Russians Under Custody in Jail

Police Arrest Woman in Lombok Bringing to 4 Arrested and One Killed in March 20th Money Changer Robbery in Tanjung Benoa

Members of the Bali Police and the Special Organized Crime Desk have made another arrest in the violent armed-robbery of an ATM Machine and Money Change Nusa Dua that occurred on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

As reported by Balipost.com, a Russian woman, aged 32, identified only by the initials RA, was recently arrested in Lombok.

Police have now arrested or killed four foreign nationals – all Russians - involved in the armed robbery: Alexei Korotkikh, Georgeii Zhukov, Robert Haupt and the woman RA.

Police have also seized the vehicle used in the crime that is now being stored at a workshop in Lombok.

Police now say that with the arrest of three Russians sought in connection with the robbery of the Tanjung Benoa money changer and the death of another Russian, Alexei Korotkikh (45), who resisted arrest at the time of capture and was killed by police, they continue to investigate if other were involved in the crime. Earlier reports form police suggested 7 people were involved in the Money Changer robbery.

Police continue, however, to search for the SS-1 rifle used in the robbery that they believe was stolen from a hotel guard in Jimbaran last year and the safe removed from the money changer.

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