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Bali: Q1 2019 - 1.3 million Foreign Visitors

Bali by the Numbers: March 2019 Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Bali Declined in Number and Stayed for Briefer Period of Time

Preliminary totals for the foreign tourist arrivals to Bali through March are now in hand showing 449,637 international visitors came to Bali in March 2019, a month on month decline of 8.74% when compared to the 492,678 foreign tourists who came to Bali in March 2018.

For Q1 2019, Bali welcomed 1,342,882 foreign tourists, a 3% increase over Q1 2018.

If the 3% growth rate achieved in Q1 2019 can be sustained through the end of the year, Bali will end the year with some 5.9 million foreign visitors. But, with only January showing positive growth year-on-year in 2019, the fact remains that the current trends is that Bali arrivals are declining which could portend poorly for the rest of the year.

Beritabali.com says Chinese tourists represented a 19.38% market share of all foreign visitors in March 2019, followed by Australians (18.46%). Indians (5.86%), USA (5.03%) and the UK 4.75%.

Average occupancy in starred hotels in March 2019 stood at 55.43%, down slightly from the 56.48% average occupancy recorded in February 2019. Month-on-month hotel occupancy declined 5.76 point when March 2019 is compared to March 2018 when the average occupancy hit 61.19%.

The average length-of-stay for foreign visitors in March 2019 stood at 2.90 days, down from the average 3.14 days in February 2019. In March 2018, the average-length-of-stay for foreign visitors was 3.22 day – 11% longer than the time guests lingered in March 2019.