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Bali Wants to Reduce Age of Island’s Tourism Transport

Bali Provincial Government Drafting Vehicle Operation Standards to Improve Tourism Transport Sector

Balipost.com reports that Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster is calling for wide-ranging standardization of Bali’s tourism transportation sector.

Saying standardization for safety and comfort are needed for both tourism transport vehicles and the people who drive them, Koster said high standards of transport will preserve the Island’s reputation. Commenting further, the Governor said: “It’s not only vehicles that need standards of safety and comfort, but also the drivers must standardize the service and quality they extend to visiting tourism. This is important because this reflects the face and ideals of Bali as an international tourism destination.”

The Governor’s comments were made during a meeting at the Governor’s official residence with the Land Transportation Organization of Bali (Organda-Bali) on Monday, March 4, 2019.

Claiming a lack of standards for tourist transport demands that clear regulations be put in place, Koster continued: “In fact, if handled correctly and clear rule are put in place, the service provided by the transportation sector can also become a symbol of the friendliness of Bali tourism . . . Bali an island of friendliness, good order, and discipline!”

The Governor said that a policy is being devised to regulate and standardize areas dealing with road worthiness of vehicles, comfort, and the age of transport used for tourist transportation. Consideration is also being given to regulating the exterior and interior design of vehicles to reflect Balinese culture. “There need to be an individual branding for Bali (in vehicle design),” said Koster.

Responding to complaints tabled by Organda-Bali, the Governor promised to review the permanent operation of tourist vehicles brought to Bali from other provinces of Indonesia. Adding: “We will bring (vehicles from other provinces) into line.

Basically, illegal operations will be sanctioned. Especially those disrupting the Island’s local transport sector.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of Organda-Bali, Ketut Eddy Dharma Putra, endorsed the Governor’s plans to standardize the tourism transport sector in order to end the many continuing complaints about comfort and safety of tourism transport in Bali. He said chief among the complaints were the age of vehicles.

Continuing, Eddy expressed his appreciation for the continuing work by the Province to build a “short cut” connecting Denpasar and Singaraja that will eventually shorten the traveling time between South Bali and the Regency of Buleleng. The Organda-Bali chairman said he felt certain that the road, once completed, will accelerate efforts to reduce the long-standing imbalance in north-south economic development on the Island of Bali.

Eddy asked the Governor to urgently explore additional short-cuts connecting Mengwi-Batuan-Pernama and another Kuta-Soka-Celukan Bawang road. He said if these roads can be constructed in accordance with current plans, then road congestion in Denpasar will also be reduced as many truck traveling between provinces will be able to avoid transiting through Denpasar.

Finally, Eddy also expressed his appreciation to the Governor for reinstituting the Trans-Sabargita Bus Service to Nusa Dua, saying this bus service was essential for student and workers in the Nusa Dua area and helps reduce the number of vehicles on the roadways in Bali’s south.

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