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Bali’s Oldest Hotel Given Heritage Status

First Opened in 1926, Hotel Inna Bali Heritage Hotel Has Been ‘Home’ In Bali for the Glitterati of an Earlier, Golden Era

The Hotel Inna Bali Heritage Hotel in central Denpasar has been proclaimed a "cultural heritage site" by the Cultural Directorate for the Municipality of Denpasar.

As reported by Tribun-bali.com, a special team from the Municipality said the official proclamation represented the first step in larger plans to preserve the cultural heritage and history of Bali’s capital.

The hotel received the designation in recognition of its long history dating back to 1926 when the hotel first opened its doors as The Bali Hotel operated initially by the Dutch Colonial Government in Bali. A year later, the management was transferred to Koninkelijke Paketvaar Matschappij – the Dutch East Indies Cruise line who embarked and disembarked passengers at the North Bali Port of Celukan Bawang.

Reflecting the boom of tourism then underway, the Hotel was expanded from 12 to 26 guest rooms after only one year of operations. Today, the Hotel Inna Bali Heritage offers 77 rooms under the management of the State-owned Inna Hotel Group.

Over the ensuing decades, the Hotel has been the venue for major political conferences in the early years of Indonesian nationhood and has hosted numerous stays by Indonesia’s Frist President and Proclamator Soekarno - who always stayed in room #77.

Just a few of the other luminaries who have been guests at the Hotel Bali include: Indian Prime Minister Mahatma Gandhi; Indian President Jawaharal Nehru who proclaimed Bali as “the morning of the world” during his stay; Cinema legend Charlie Chaplin; playwright and composer Noel Coward; American actor Marlon Brando on a break from filming “The Ugly American” in Bangkok; Marilyn Monroe, Robert Kennedy; and Great Britian's Queen Elizabeth II.

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